new pc cdrw

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 16:42 23 Jan 2003
  JAR JAR BLINK'S 16:42 23 Jan 2003

Hello everybody,can anyone direct me to a site that will show me how to use a cd-rw?i've got this new pc and no instruction's about how to use or do anything with the cdrw.I've looked in the programs tray, and i have the nero stuff ect.When i look at all my disk's and see the state of them,it's only a matter time before they become unusable.I would like to make copies b4 this happens. regard's jar jar.

  duplo 16:51 23 Jan 2003

I think that Nero has fairly goiod help files. Have you tried those, at they will tell you how Nero works.

  pj123 16:53 23 Jan 2003

NERO burn has a complete user manual in PDF format. If you have Acrobat reader on your computer find the manual in Nero Burn and print it out and read it.

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 16:53 23 Jan 2003

than's duplo, i'll have a good look. cheers, jar.

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 16:55 23 Jan 2003

ok pj123, i'll do it now and get back to u. jar

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 17:09 23 Jan 2003

if i try to open any of the nero tools i'm asked for a serial number-company-name ect, if i click on the nero manual/s, it say's windows cannot open this file ect ect ect.

  pj123 23:14 23 Jan 2003

It looks as if you don't have Acrobat Reader on your PC.

Try this: go to windows explorer, go to c: go to programmes. go to ahead. go to nero. run down the list and you should see a file called Neroburningrom_eng.pdf

double click it and if you have Acrobat reader it will open for you. if it doesn't you need to get a copy of Acrobat reader.

Acrobat reader comes free with lots of programmes, it you don't have it let me know and i can email you a copy.

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 12:05 24 Jan 2003

pj123,thank's for that information,i did as you said, and i did find that pdf file you mentioned,i then opened it, ok, so i have got "acrobat reader",anyway mate,guess what?, i found the serial key for nero, a little sticker, stuck on the back of the computer, gawd almighty.Now i'll settle down and try to understand how to use my cd-rw.Thank's for all your help pj123, also thank's to duplo, JAR JAR.

  Diemmess 15:29 24 Jan 2003

Have you tried the Nero website? There are two large downloads there. One massive file upgrades to Nero 5.5.10 and includes Nero Express...... A smaller file is a new help file (n55100eng.exe) much more helpful than what passed for help before!

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