new PC cannot see soundcard in PCI slot

  HDB 20:00 26 Nov 2007

My new PC cannot see my soundcard in the PCI slot. It is a Yamaha SW1000XG.

I have tried pressing del on start up to go into the bios. Cannot see anything about audio in there.

When I go into Control Panel, Audio, the page is greyed out.

I am using XP home.

I also have a TV card but the PC does not seem to see that in the PCI slot either. Help.

  cream. 20:05 26 Nov 2007

Has the motherboard got onboard sound?

Have you tried the sound card in a different pci slot.

Have you looked in device manager for any conflicts?

  HDB 20:12 26 Nov 2007

I have tried the soundcard in a different pci slot.

I think the motherboard has onboard sound but the PC does not make a noise when it is switched on.

Really sorry but I don't know how to find device manager!

  cream. 20:25 26 Nov 2007

Right click my computer and select properties. On the new window, system properties, select device manager.

Are there any entry's that have yellow exclamation marks or other warnings?

  HDB 21:43 26 Nov 2007

Yes 3 have

  cream. 22:00 26 Nov 2007

Right click the one for sound pick properties and the the driver tab. Pick uninstall.

Place the cd with the drivers for the sound card and reboot the computer.

it will tell you that it has found new hard ware. If it does not find the drivers on the cd, point windows to the cd drivers by using the browse button.

When the drivers are loaded do the same for the other two entry's.

One of the entrys will possibly be your TV card, so put in the driver disk for that one when you uninstall it and reboot.

  HDB 16:27 27 Nov 2007

I have found device manager - thank you. Pc says found new hardware but whatever I do drivers will not load - PC says it cannot find them. I have tried to load this for a week now so have decided to buy a new soundcard and see if that works. Thanks for all your advice.

Tried the same for the TV card. It comes up with 1158 and will not load drivers. I don't know if it is the new PC or the software.

  umbongo(uk) 17:31 27 Nov 2007

when you place the yamahac cd in tray does the disc load up
when i say load up i mean as in a screen comes up with boxes saying install Yamaha SW1000XG
if so uninstall the device drivers again
when you reboot and it asks you it has found a new device ingnore this and close all applicable windows

now place the disc you got with the sound card in the drive let it load up Now install from the disc

the same goes for the tv card when it says it found a new device ignore the search for drivers function and install them yourself from the disc

still having problems then the sound needs to be turned of in bios
to do this usual delete to enter bios and select
itergrated peripherals
now you should see either onboard sound or as i dont know what sound your board use,s
onboard ac,97 disable this
press f10 to save and exit
or to make s

  cream. 19:29 27 Nov 2007

What errors are listed in device manager? You say you have three, can you list them.

What is the make and model of your motherboard.

Have a look at this 1158 and try and adapt it to your system. Have you checked that the card is compatable with XP home, does it need XP media centre?

  cream. 19:32 27 Nov 2007

error click here

  HDB 22:40 27 Nov 2007

Thanks for new advice. Very busy today and tomorrow. Will check all this out ASAP and come back to you

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