New PC - cannot load Windows

  Adam Patrick 19:11 21 Jul 2007

Have just bought a new PC from Cyberpower Systems, but unfortunately am unable to load Windows.

I will explain what happens:

I press the start PC button, and shorlty afterwards an intro screen is displayed showing a picture with the make of motherboard and processor etc (a typical intro screen).

The screen then goes blank for a few seconds and then the system powers right down (I hear a click like the system is turning off and hear the power running down), and the booting up process starts from the beginning again with the intro screen.

Then because Windows failed to load, a different screen comes up saying "Windows failed to load, put in Windows disk and choose Repair My Computer". It also gives options like Safe Mode etc.
In this screen, if I choose Start Computer Normally, after a few seconds it goes back to the beginning of the booting up process again.

This loop continues unless I press Safe Mode in that screen. Then I can get into safe mode and shut down PC. That's the only way out of the loop.

I have tried inserting Windows disk (the recovery disk I think) but it just goes into the loop again.

Any help would be appreciated

  ICF 19:27 21 Jul 2007

If you have just bought it contact the supplier and ask for a call out or return to base.

  ICF 19:36 21 Jul 2007

Try booting from the Recovery CD.If there is an option for repair select it.You will have probably have to change the boot order in the bios

  Andy1991 20:18 21 Jul 2007

it may be a PSU problem, but its most probably a services or program start up problem. Try MSCONFIG from the run dialog and have a look around carefully to control what starts up, u could do a trial and error.

  woodchip 20:34 21 Jul 2007

Overheating Problem, most likely

  woodchip 20:35 21 Jul 2007

Looks like CPU fan not doing its job

  Andy1991 20:35 21 Jul 2007

Yes could be, processor is normally less overheated in safe mode when there is less of a strain.

  Adam Patrick 22:37 21 Jul 2007

Hi again
Instead of running Safe Mode, I chose Safe Mode with Networking.
It then gave me option of checking on internet for cause of problem. It scanned internet and said that the ATI graphics driver is the problem, so I downloaded latest driver from ATI.

This is the confusing bit:
Once I downloaded ATI driver, I then went into Control Panel/Device Manager and uninstalled present graphics driver. When I then re-booted (without any sort of driver except the generic driver Windows creates when there isn't one) it loaded to Windows proper for the first time!! But when re-booted, same problem again occured - cannot load Windows!!

I then thought I should install new driver just downloaded and it should be fine, but once installed it and re-booted PC, same old problem - cannot load to Windows, yet it could with Windows own generic driver!

Basically when Windows generic driver installs, it temporarily cures the problem, but then when re-boot, or then try to update with another driver - problem comes back - cannot load Windows.

  woodchip 22:52 21 Jul 2007

Load the Generic Driver then when you get to windows load the new driver before you reboot

  rdave13 23:01 21 Jul 2007

It could be the graphics card isn't seated properly. As it's a new system I suggest you notify Cyberpower Systems of your suspicions. You might invalidate your warranty if you open the case. Have a word with them and see what they suggest.

  Adam Patrick 23:07 21 Jul 2007

Yeah I tried that Woodchip, sorry didn't explain well enough.

Ok thanks Rdave13, that could be the problem. I'll contact Cyberpower on Monday.

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