New PC-Buy now or wait?

  Starfox 18:11 28 Feb 2006

I have been considering treating myself to a new pc which will be used for some office applications,a little surfing but primarily for gaming.Problem is ,I have just been reading about the new operating system (Vista) that Microsoft will be releasing towards the end of the year (hopefully) and now I am unsure what would be the best thing to do.

As the pc will be mainly used as a games machine and therefore of a fairly high specification and thus quite an expensive purchase would I be better waiting for the new o/s or should I buy now and not bother about Vista.

Any advice appreciated.

  eqskey 18:27 28 Feb 2006

'A kid says " I don't like it" without tasting it.
Then 2 years later he tries a bit of it.
"O no,it is fabulous.It is made with chocolate"

  anskyber 18:29 28 Feb 2006

Well the ultimate question and one that I am toying with. I think I would go down on the side of buy now. Two main reasons. The first is I do not think it would be wise to get Vista on day one sadly there are bound to be bugs even with the extensive testing they are doing. The second is that there may be a delay or even the possibilty of no new drivers published for existing hardware like printers and scanners you may wish to check for example whether your printer manufacturer does 64bit drivers for Win 64, some do not.

  Starfox 18:30 28 Feb 2006


  jaritch 18:31 28 Feb 2006


I am sure that you have helped Starfox make up his/her mind with that reply!!!!

Personally don't know much about Vista, but knowing microsoft it could be the end of "any year" for release. I am asuming that you would be able to upgrade to vista when it appears.

  eqskey 18:35 28 Feb 2006

We don't need a AMD/Intel type of answer where everyone is wrong!
Just paint a simple life picture ~ if you can lol

  johnnyrocker 18:36 28 Feb 2006

your point being?


  anskyber 18:41 28 Feb 2006

Its not helping you Starfox when some contributers should really take more water with it. So to add to what I said earlier I fully expect existing Windows XP users upgrade. Probably some 6-8 months after Vista launch would be good.

  Forum Editor 18:51 28 Feb 2006

rather than making silly posts for the sake of it.

  eqskey 19:03 28 Feb 2006

I regard my replies as a genuine and concise way of giving help.More thought is given to create an analogy for a given situation rather than a fistfull of blur.Thankyou.

  961 19:13 28 Feb 2006

sensible advice (IMHO)

Vista will be around at the end of the year or shortly afterwards

You should allow 6 months for the great general public to expose the bugs and a further 3 months for Microsoft to sort them out

So. Either wait until late summer 2006 if you want to buy Vista, or, if you want a computer before then, buy XP now

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