New to PC building- Parts compatibility

  axlrose83 00:38 30 Nov 2011

Hi guys, very new to pc building but have done quite a bit of research on the subject and would like someone to look over my choice of parts to check if they are compatible as im not sure what to look for beyond the obvious CPU socket and ram speed on the motherboard.

do not need the hard drive looked at for compatibility- Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB

Motherboard- or




Power Supply- salvaged from my current pc (replaced power supply less than 1 month ago)


I know it might be a pain in the arse to look at all this for me but i would greatly appreciate it as I have a built PC atm but someone else built it for me... for a crate of beer... 4 years ago

and the case if anyones interested-

^^ with 2x added 2000rpm 120mm 19DB fans for the front panel

thanks guys


  gengiscant 09:54 30 Nov 2011

Not sure about your RAM to be honest,I think I would have gone for this: Corsair. Your PSU is certainly not one I would ever consider buying,why spend decent cash on other components then trust them all to a cheap PSU? Your mobo i would have chosen an Asus P8P67 but thats only because I have always used Asus or Gigabyte. The case, good name but not sure about this particular one.Cables difficult to install, back panel fixing is difficult, not that quiet.

  axlrose83 10:05 30 Nov 2011

thanks for your input:) any particular reason for quad channel ram? does it add anything? and yeah, i see what you mean about my PSU situation, i may grab a similarly powered As for the case... i like it:) its the complete opposite of what i have now, i have a flashy/cheap looking xclio 6030+ which is loud and covered in LED's and i want to get away from that look, the difficulty of installation doesnt really phase me as i love a challenge:P

thanks again


  gengiscant 10:43 30 Nov 2011

Sorry linked to the wrong RAM,should of been: RAMCheap,reliable, compatible., have used it in all my builds recently. RAM compatibility can be a major problem so I tend to stick with something I know will work.

I get nothing from you link but I think you mean the corsair PSU.

As to the case,I spent a fair bit of cash on this case: CASE. And the design faults are many.Very little space for hiding cables, a pain in the butt if you want to get inside the damn thing.The top lid was poorly designed making adding another monitor cable and a second fan for my Antec K├║hler h2o 920, had to cut a bit out of the underside of the top lid. Now I like a challenge but I hate poor design. You might want to get yourself a fan controller which will help with any fan noise.

But overall not a bad build.

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