New pc build not working

  clayton 11:42 19 Jun 2007

Hi ive just built a pc with an asus M2N1394 motherboard 1 gig of memory, sata hard dive & sats dvd writer, when i power up the cpu fan spins but the monitor goes into standby, i know the graphics card works as its in my other pc now, any idea what the problems could be ??

ps there are no pc bleeps from the case @ all.

  robbiepaul79 12:11 19 Jun 2007

Looking at your Motherboard manual may help in terms of beep codes yet in some cases no beeps is bad.

Does your harddrive and other devices activate?

  rodriguez 12:27 19 Jun 2007

If it's an Intel CPU you've used, you need to make sure you've plugged in the extra 4-pin plug that powers it. There should be a square 4-pin plug with yellow and black wires coming from the power supply (if it's the right one) and this plugs into the board as well as the normal 20-pin power connector.

  clayton 12:31 19 Jun 2007

no its an amd 64 3500+ AM2 processor, the hard drive spins power led comes on the case nothing on the screen @ all no bios info ect.

  robbiepaul79 12:46 19 Jun 2007

Does seem strange there isnt any onboard graphics that could be bypassing the graphics card is there?

  davidprc 12:55 19 Jun 2007

This is really like saying my car will not start do you have any idea?

i had the very same problem last night with an am2 board, i moved the clear cmos clip over a notch (only 3 pins) made a cuppa then put it back and powered up, 1 beep and bios. after trying everything else possible!

  Kate B 13:08 19 Jun 2007

Not all Asus mobos have onboard graphics ... mine doesn't.

  ambra4 13:13 19 Jun 2007

Try re-seating the memory

  daxian 17:00 19 Jun 2007

hi clayton....
am2 also uses the extra 4 pin ...reseat the memory as ambra4 has suggested and check for the 4 pin socket

  clayton 10:41 20 Jun 2007

Thanks dave & rodriguez i hadnt connected the 4 pin plug to the motherboard dont know how i missed that.

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