New pc build and DVD drive playing up bad ?

  Giggle n' Bits 21:50 26 Jan 2004

just completed a new pc build with a Asus A7V8X-X M/board, Athlon XP2400, 512MB PC2100 DDR, Asus 16x DVD Drive & MSI 52x32x52 CDwrtr, running XP Home.

HDD Maxtor is on primary Master & the DVD on Secondary Master with MSI CD Wrtr on Secondary slave.

Problem: if I put in a CD that should auto play like a motherboard Instal CD or a software Cd for DVd or CD Wrtr, AGP card etc the system seems to hang a minute then wont do out. If you try to open the CD it again hangs for a while to think then I get D:\is not a valid win32 application

I have checked out MS site and this relates to money but money isn't installed, I have tried a different DVD drive, new ribbon 40pin, and same.
If I unplug the secondary Slave MSI OEM CD Wrtr it seems ok.

But surely it should work with every thing connected.
Does anyone think this is this a faulty motherboard ?.
I am going to look at Asus site to see if I can find anything on this but will call back in about an hour.

  Colditz 22:27 26 Jan 2004

Have you tried making the dvd primary slave and putting the cdrw onto secondary master

  Giggle n' Bits 22:38 26 Jan 2004

standard way. Putting it on Prim slave looks a bit hard due to cable length.

  Colditz 22:46 26 Jan 2004

It should work but we are talking computers aren't we.It's just when you said that you remove your msi cd it works fine,makes me wonder whether swopping cables might do the trick.And can you not just swop ide cables to make it reach.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:51 26 Jan 2004

I have just changed the MSI OEM Cd Wrtr 52x32x52 to a different CD wrtr and the drives all work ok. There is no problem writting with the MSI drive but it doesn't like to be slave to the Asus DVD drive. Does anyone know why this could be ?

Is it some sort of a fault in th MSI drive or a compatiblity issue do you think ?.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:52 26 Jan 2004

Swapping the HDD IDE would not be possible as thats a 80 pin.

  Colditz 22:59 26 Jan 2004

if it doesn't like being slave does it like being master

  gudgulf 23:04 26 Jan 2004

You can use your cd/dvd drives on an 80 cable----the connectors are the same.

more than likely a compatability problem,but as long as you can find a configuration that works,who cares ;-))))

  Colditz 23:07 26 Jan 2004

My sentiments exactly lol

  DieSse 23:40 26 Jan 2004

It's more normal to put the CD-Writer as master, and the DVD as slave. Some CD-Writers don't like being in the slave position.

  gudgulf 00:04 27 Jan 2004

I think that applies to most of us!!!!!!!!!!

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