New PC Build Blues

  warren2004g 14:56 18 Apr 2004

Hi all, hope someone can help me with this problem I have been recieving.

When I Shutdown my PC everything goes well and the base unit turns off.

When I Restart my PC, it looks like it is going to restart, the monitor turns itself off but the base unit is still on. The only way I can then turn the PC off is if hold power button in for a few seconds.

The Spec for my machine is

AMD Athlon XP 2600+

512MB DDR PC2100

PCCHIPS M852 KT400 MBoard

ATI Radeon 9600SE 128DDR

80Gb Western Digital HDD

350w PSU

Samsung 16x40 DVD

Optorite 8x DVD-RW

Any help would be greatly appreciated

  sil_ver 15:26 18 Apr 2004

I have the same mobo and cpu but a geforce vid card and pc2700 memory. I get the same problem if I unplug mains and take the side off for whatever reason but it only happens once after which all is well. When the problem arises I get 2-1 beeps which suggest graphic card problem then a series of short beeps (about6) which is a puzzle. Like you I have to switch off by holding start button after which I have no further problems. I must be honest and say I don't know what causes it I have one or two theories ranging from a late charge up of a capacitor or HDD not getting up to speed quick enough. I fitted a 400w psu but it made no difference. I still suspect that unplugging from the mains is a pointer but can't get my head round the reason. My cmos battery is ok as far as I can tell and get none of the indicators that would suggest a problem such as checksum errors. I know this doesn't help you but some other wizzkid may put his/her two pen'orth in.

  warren2004g 19:01 18 Apr 2004

Every little helps. I have tried the above but to no avail. I did have a memory problem with a TWINMOS 512MB PC3200 when the machine was purchased 2 weeks ago, but I found the chip to be faulty and am still awaiting the replacement. Dunno wether the information added here is any more food for the problem though

  warren2004g 00:01 21 Apr 2004

I have found 1 solution for my computer not restarting maybe it will work with yours. The problem for me was that I did not apply all of the spacers to the motherboard screws when fixing the motherboard down. Maybe it could help you...

  sil_ver 01:22 21 Apr 2004

What spacers are you referring to. Are we talking about insulating washers?

  warren2004g 19:42 22 Apr 2004

Yes sorry, the insulation washers. Silly me ehh? To say I have built about 40+ PC's i'm not sounding to convincing, anyways hope it helps...

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