New PC big problems

  rickimalone 00:16 09 May 2004

Just powered up my DIY PC with ASUS A7V8X-X MOTHERBOARD.

When it turned it is say's

"disk boot failure, insert system boot disk"

I enter the cd it came with it then say's

"Root FAT Kernal"

And then goes into dos? please help me the manaul does'nt cover any of this.

  rickimalone 00:41 09 May 2004

Thsi is the lead up to this thread click here

Im in big difficulties if anyone can help it would be great.

  Beas-Knees 00:46 09 May 2004

Put in the XP cd, not the motherboard driver disk,you will eed that later when you have got XP installed. Just place the XP disk and press any key to start the installation process and follow the on screen prompts

  gudgulf 00:48 09 May 2004

The disc that comes with your motherboard contains the drivers that you need for windows.You will need to install windows first.

The bootable function of thie motherboard disc is related to the bios recovery functions that Asus use----This is not important to you right now(hopefully you will never need this!!).

what you need to do is insert the windows x.p disc an reboot then follow the onscreen instructions to install xp.

  rickimalone 00:49 09 May 2004

I'll try that now.

  pc moron 00:52 09 May 2004

Do you have an operating system CD?

As Beas-Knees says, try booting from the OS CD.

  Quiller. 01:15 09 May 2004

Same board, same chip and same ram as you on this machine. Setup is easy.

When you start up keep pressing the del button. it boots fast so you have to be quick. this takes yo to the bios. click here
Same as yours, excuse the light. lol

now scroll to the boot section. yours will probably show the hard drive or floppy drive like this click here

Change it by hightlighting the cdrom drive and press the + button so the cdrom is at the top, like this. click here

Now press F10 and reboot.

Put your O\S disk in the cdrom and away you go.

Best of luck.

  rickimalone 01:32 09 May 2004

I think I know whats happened, my floppy disk drive light is on without a disk in it does this mean ive wired it wrong?

Maybe it was trying to boot from that. Im now in a panic as ive put the O/S in and its now installing but ive not installed the HDD and set the cylinders or anything nor have I set up anything in BIOS ive jsut installed windows XP straight away.

Its installing now and I cant stop it......

  rickimalone 01:34 09 May 2004

Please can some let me know if ive runied the harddrive now im starting to panic

  Quiller. 01:38 09 May 2004

If you floppy disk light is on all the time then you have the cable the wrong way around.

You do not have to set the hard drive to manual, i.e. cylinders etc. as the default is auto detect. let it load windows, it will ask you to format the disk.Check then for the right size. lol

If like mine, windows x\p should load in about 12 minutes.

  rickimalone 01:42 09 May 2004

What cable have I got around the wrong way the one connected to the floppy drive??? Thanks im having to keep swaping monitors my god I've been at it for 9hours srtraight from work I hope i havent broken anything

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