New pc advice for antivirus, spyware etc please

  march 16:38 03 Jan 2009

Thinking about a Dell Inspiron 530DT & the os is windows vista home premium; I wonder if someone would be kind enough to look at my queries & help me on the following please,

I have noticed on the Dell site that there is a floppy drive internal kit would they install it for me?

I understand that the os disks are sent with my order but is the os pre-installed?

Am I correct that there is a system restore built in to the os?

Will I still be able to use avg free for my antivirus program?

Will I need or can I still use Ie-spyad, spywareguard, spywareblaster?

Are there any other programs I should use?

I will be grateful for any suggestions or help
Thank you in advance

  RobCharles1981 16:43 03 Jan 2009
  Woolwell 16:46 03 Jan 2009

OS will be pre-installed. You may not get the OS discs unless you order them; instead you may get a recovery partition or recovery discs.

System restore is part of Vista.

AVG free runs with Vista but you may find that the Dell comes with a trial version of Norton or something similar. You will have to unistall that first and may have to use a removal tool.

Up to you which anti-spyware, malware progs you run.

  provider 2 16:58 03 Jan 2009

New Dell machines come with a lot of trial stuff installed which can be a damned nuisance, especially when it loads at start-up and keeps insisting you need the full version.

Have a look at Yorkspace PC Decrapifier which was developed to deal with this (and from other manufacturers too):

click here

The Dell support thingy can use a lot of CPU also, even when it`s not doing much of anything. You can stop it from running with the Autoruns Manager of RevoUninstaller though.

Avast for AV/anti-spy and SpywareBlaster as second level of defence.

  march 17:05 03 Jan 2009

thanks for the link great help,notice it says 'Vista - own firewall' will have to have a good look at vista to see everything on it,

Woolwell, will check on the disks cant remember seeing anything about any antivirus trials but will check.


  march 17:10 03 Jan 2009

provider 2 couldn't remember seeing anything on the dell site about trial stuff, puts me off, thinking bout it would rather do a diy install at least I would know what was on pc that way.sorry couldn' get the link to work.

is there a manufacter you can get pc from & install everything yourself?

  provider 2 22:23 03 Jan 2009


I didn`t intend to put you off buying a Dell machine. There`s no reason why you shouldn`t. All I`m saying is it will come with pre-installed stuff that can take a while to get rid of and this is by no means restricted to Dell, though I understand it`s one of the main ways that Dell uses to keep prices down ... they are paid by program developers to pre-install this stuff, of course.

Other manufactures do this too and you`re seldom told exactly what has been installed, (as well as the OS, naturally). In fact I don`t know of a manufacturer who will sell you just the bare bones but others here may well know of one.

I`ve checked the link above and it`s OK, but here`s the one directly to PC Decrapifier.

click here

  provider 2 22:53 03 Jan 2009

And to the kind of thing it removes from new machines particularly (and only if you direct it to do so):

click here

As Woolwell says the removal of Norton (and McAfee) trial versions will most probably need their own uninstallers.

  march 11:32 04 Jan 2009

thanks provider 2, you did'nt put me off it's I didn't realise that other stuff might be preinstalled. Glad you pointed it out to, me just like to know what's on pc after all it is mine so they ought to say what they put on.If I do a new install of everything right from start that would get rid of everything wouldn't it?

regards march

  provider 2 11:54 04 Jan 2009


Yes, it would but that`s an awful lot of time and trouble to go to, compared with just removing the stuff you don`t want.

In any case some would say it`s a perfectly acceptable trade-off; a lower price for a perfectly good machine in return for a little inconvenience and time spent on removing trial versions, and there is always the arguement that you might actually want to buy some of these programs.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to buy a lean, mean machine but marketing realities tend to get in the way. Have a look at what PC World has to say about it. This link may be a little slow:

click here

  provider 2 11:59 04 Jan 2009

And the original article plus links here:

click here

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