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  sarah1980 18:14 22 Dec 2006

i ma looking to buy a new PC for business. I have narrowed it down to the HP DX5150 (click here) or the HP DX2200 (click here)

Which would you recommend? I use the PC almost 100% for business (small), but i confess to often having several programs running simultaneously and I know this can slow things down. I also have a lot of iTunes, but could possibly put these on an external hard drive, what do you think?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:44 22 Dec 2006

click here is a much better deal IMHO. Twice the RAM and bigger screen.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:45 22 Dec 2006

ps. Itunes will not slow the computer down, it is processes not quantity that cause slowness.


  sarah1980 18:47 22 Dec 2006

thanks, when you say "screen", do you mean monitor? Because I already have a TFT monitor so I only need the CPU...

Thanks for your advice

  961 18:59 22 Dec 2006

I'd go for the AMD rather than the P4

However, I might also wait for the sales and consider Dell. Good business computers and if you don't need the screen you can haggle £150/£250 off the advertised prices. Then ring up at the end of the sales period (end day/end week/ end month) and haggle hard for free delivery/free on site/free anti virus etc. Plead poverty/new business/nasty bank manager whatever. Sure you can think of something! They are desperate to sell, don't be eager to buy!!

Happy Christmas!

  sarah1980 19:29 22 Dec 2006

thanks for the tips!

Any particular Dell which will match up to the HP Spec like this click here

  961 15:00 23 Dec 2006

Trawling thro' the Dell site I came upon small business computer C521 AMD Athlon 64 3800 (faster) with 1 yr on site service, 1024 memory (as opposed to 512) 320GB hard drive (as opposed to 160GB) @ £434 + vat + shipping

If you don't want the 17" screen you should get at least £150 off which leaves £284 + vat = £333

That leaves shipping. You should be able to haggle that off. If you can't threaten to walk away or ring back later and haggle with another salesman

You can also haggle for free on site. Remember if it works out of the box it will probably work forever. The hardware is unlikely to fail. You may mess it up (like I do from time to time) but that's another story (unlikely to be covered by on site anyway)

The system includes upgrade to Vista and by the time you order may come with that anyway

Happy Christmas

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