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  mctrout 09:19 19 Nov 2008

I have had to buy a new PC & I am copying the files from My Documents & My Picturesfrom the old one. I have a number of programs in the Program Files that I want on the new one, but I cannot find the installation disc for two of them. I have found a program called Acronis that has a"Clone Disc " operation. It says " You can copy partitions of a selected disc to another disc", but I haven't got a partition on my drive. Would the program copy all of the drive & would the Programs work, as I have copied some programs to an external drive before & wasn't able to open them. I hope this makes sense Thanks Mac

  lotvic 19:51 19 Nov 2008

^ just bumping this up to the top so more people will see it

  GaT7 20:51 19 Nov 2008

Which 2 programs are you missing the installation discs for? Perhaps they're available cheaply, or we can find you free alternatives.

In your situation, using a cloning program like Acronis would require both the old & new PCs to have the same components - motherboard in particular. Disk-cloning wipes everything on the recipient disk/partition, replacing it with an exact copy of the donor's. Something you don't want to do on your new PC/hard disk.

However, there's slim chance that a certain configuration will work without messing with the new system too much. It depends on a few conditions, some OS dual-booting knowledge, a bit of experimenting - & isn't for the faint-hearted! So let's just try finding you replacements/alternatives for the missing install discs. G

  mctrout 21:04 19 Nov 2008

Thanks for replying, found one of the programs Disc & I have been told to download the other one as a trial & then put in my registrarion number in the registration dialog. So I will try that out tomorrow. The motherboards are as different as Chalk & Cheese, & I always ask before buying a program as I am not too clued up with the inner workings of a PC. I should have thought a little berore thinking Acronis would clone the Progam to a new PC, because if it did then the program makers wouldn't sell many of them. thanks again for the Reply Mac

  GaT7 23:04 19 Nov 2008

"Acronis would clone the Progam to a new PC, because if it did then the program makers wouldn't sell many of them." - I think you meant 'would not clone the Program'(?) - in which case you'd be right.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was software available capable of 'program cloning', but most probably illegal to use anyway. G

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