New PC on the 26th December

  Epirb406 07:52 20 Dec 2008

Where do you think the maddest place for a deal will be in the sales? Online, stores....?

Tower only required bundles not important...

Happy Christmas, Epirb.

  Andsome 08:56 20 Dec 2008

Personally I would NEVER buy from anyone but a small local computer builder. What good are red hot deals if you cannot get immediate support in the event of a problem. I ordered my new one on a Thursday, and he apologised because he would have to order the case that I wanted, and delivery would be delayed by a day. On the Saturday lunch time he phoned 'Er indoors and said he would deliver at 6 pm that evening. Beat that with so called on line deals.

  cream. 10:40 20 Dec 2008

PCW or dell. Be prepared to haggle a bit at PCW to get a few extra goodies or drop the price. In the last 2 years we have had 6 from PCW, 1 from dell (XPS) and 1 from the apple refurb store. Unfortunately the Mac is the only one that has had problems.

Because you are getting a tower and you are proficient with the inside of a computer go for the big discounting stores. Check the upgradability of the machine for future upgrades. What runs as smooth as silk now may require extra grunt, especially if you follow the microsoft route:-)

If you hadn't a clue about the insides I would suggest a local dealer who would readily fix any minor / major faults but you will pay extra for that service.

  Epirb406 22:31 20 Dec 2008

Think specialist dealers out of the window, it is a bargain, not after sales service I want!

upgradability maybe but as I am moving from Athlon 2400 with XP then anything will be a vast improvement! However, really do want to see vista run at a fair clip!

Like the idea of a good deal from PCW but won't they really be anxious to add to the bundle rather than come down in price?

What's anyone's best experience of this and where?

Thanks for your interest,


  Epirb406 14:51 21 Dec 2008

no one else thinking about what may be available in the sales???


  Ikelos 15:21 21 Dec 2008

for the sake of a few £'s there is nothing worse than waking up in the cold grey light of morning knowing you have done a wrong,un............

  Epirb406 18:24 21 Dec 2008

You never drink and Ebay then Ikelos....

Epirb :)

  Ikelos 15:22 22 Dec 2008

thats right, funny what might seem like a bargain at the time, somehow changes once you have got it.


  The Brigadier 15:47 22 Dec 2008

Office World
John Lewis
Take your pick!

  Epirb406 17:03 27 Dec 2008

The object of this little punt was to see if a real my goodness can't leave that there bargain was to be had.

PC world was heaving and that is not my best environment.

They had about six PCs with offers on them but nothing seemed to be too good to miss and the herds of humans did me in!

I have had a bit of a look around Dabs, Ebuyer and Amazon since I have been home and noone really seems to be clearing the shelves in a big way!

I am finding myself straying towards motherboard and chip deals....


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