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  rabz 16:55 14 Dec 2006

hi im a university student looking for a new pc. i am really confused on wat to buy? i just need a general pc not too basic but it doesnt need to be too advanced?

  Gongoozler 16:59 14 Dec 2006

Hi rabz. It very much depends on whether you want to use the computer for graphics intensive gaming. If you don't, then almost any computer will suffice. If you do want to play games, then depending on the gaming performance you want processor speed and graphics power may be critical.

  zemdarin 17:01 14 Dec 2006

You can get one quite easily now from Mesh or your local computer shop quite cheap. Just make sure it is Vista ready if you want the latest model. Most have excellent spec now with plenty of memory good hard disc GB on them. Perhaps you should look at a laptop so you can carry it around easy.

  skidzy 17:25 14 Dec 2006

No doubt zemdarin means well when recommending MESH,but i would suggest you research Mesh within PCA search box or even Google.I think you may get quite a shock regarding there after sales service.

Personally i would recommend someone like Novatech,Dell (my preference),PC World.

If you can post what you need the system to do,we can try to find some suggestions for you.

zemdarin pointed out maybe a laptop,being a student this may be the best bet.Though value for will get a lot more for your money with a desktop than a laptop,though a laptop would be a lot easier for you,as access would be there at your fingertips while you are on the move.

  john-232317 17:33 14 Dec 2006

Go to a small local firm and get some advise from them as to what you need, I am sure they will build you one cheaper and with better after sales.

  Totally-braindead 18:08 14 Dec 2006

If you're just wanting a basic PC then PC World have some excellent deals and all of them will be good for almost anything except gaming. If you want a PC for gaming then make sure it has a PCI Express slot or at least an AGP slot so that later on you can buy a graphics card and upgrade. Otherwise just set a price and see what they have. Faster processor the better and of course more memory the better but don't overlook the screen as this is what you will be staring at all the time.

  Bogbrain 18:56 14 Dec 2006

P.C World consistently come out at the bottom of polls regarding sales - value for money - after sales - you name it. Evidence of this can be found in the consumer magazine 'Which' ( computer section.) They also recommend actually 'talking' to your local pc dealer as to getting the best deal of the lot, plus they actually look after you as a person once the deal is done.
The student isn't very specific about what the pc is needed for, praps more info would help, but whatever I wouldn't touch a corporate dealer for anything ever.Dixons PC World etc etc DON'T touch any of them unless you want the nice corporate snakes to bit your hand off.

  Bogbrain 19:02 14 Dec 2006

Also, I think you copuld probably get a perfectly serviceable pc from off the notice boards at the uni, that's how I bought my first one, an absolute bargain, comlpletely trouble free too. Or, even consider buying a 2nd user one either from an online site or your local papers, I'm sure you don't need a 'state of the art pc' not even for university. Unless maybe if you're doing a computer based degree which by you own admission it seems unlikely you're doing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:13 14 Dec 2006

PC World have some great deals and I have bought over 100 laptops and computers from them so I speak from experience. No need to wait in for a delivery that may be late and you can have the compute running in an hour. You do not need oodles of memory or a high-end graphics card, onboard will do. You do not need to talk to anyone, ask here and you will get the correct computer for your needs. Also from experience, I would not touch the 'local shops'. If you buy from PCW do not accept the extended warranty, half price Intenet Security (AVG or Avast and ZA are free) and the surge protector.


  Greengage 19:45 14 Dec 2006

Your comments regarding laptops and memory interest me because I have been looking for a "reasonable" laptop but with 1024 memory. I am governed by my own which memory I have increased to 740 (but including on board graphic of only 32)which still runs very slowly and possibly this could be overcome to a certain extent by replacing with a speedier hard drive. The processor is 1500 Athlon. I have been searching on the internet but most reasonable/cheap laptops come with just 512mb memory which I have been avoiding. Would these laptops serve me OK particularly when I see that certain of the hard drives are now running at 5400 instead of my present 4200?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:44 14 Dec 2006

Providing that you are not running games or movie editing, 512Mb is more than enough. I would take Norton.MacAfee off and replace with AVG/Avast and use Ccleaner click here to keep the computer running clean. Dell inspiron range at
£469 click here or Toshiba would be my choice so long as they have a 15.4 screen.


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