Jade 14 G 09:54 07 Apr 2006

Could you tell what would be the best PC to buy at a budget of £600.
have a laptop but am finding it hard on my eyes to see and as l teach online l need one that will be ok for that, use word all the time and office plus graphics and a good photo editing programn . Also a lot of of room for stored files .
The one l have just now is always going wrong but realise it was the worst make to buy Dell


  Strawballs 09:58 07 Apr 2006

click here I nearly always use this site and as I live quite close I can also visit

  Diodorus Siculus 10:00 07 Apr 2006

Is it the laptop that is going wrong?

If not, why not buy a decent monitor for it and an external hard drive - for about £300 you could have an excellent setup.

If you want a pc, take a look at Novatech:

Computer Supplies from Novatech
click here

Add Windows and a 17inch TFT and you come in on budget

  Jade 14 G 12:05 07 Apr 2006

They look great , which in the verso range would you say was best.
Would love to get a external hard drive but don't think i am up to that yet, laptop was bought last july , been back every two months as when typing in word or emails the words jump about and your re- writing all the time.
The dell pc that l am having to use crashes and last week the desktop turned right, xp hills were up the right side and sky up left, you need a head on a turntable, have to get it in safe mode then do a system restore and it lasts a bit longer but with teaching l need one that l can trust.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:22 07 Apr 2006

[quote]the words jump about[/quote]

Try installing an external mouse and disabling the touchpad.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:23 07 Apr 2006

To be hoest, I'd avoid the verso range as they are very limited...

  Whaty 12:25 07 Apr 2006

Came across a computer at work a while ago where a key combination of Alt+Left/Right Cursor Key would rotate the desktop (might have been Ctrl+Left/Right Cursor Key, can't just remember now).

Might be worth trying it to see if this is what's happening on yours?

  kiddgame2000 12:30 07 Apr 2006

click here pc option
click here pc specialist

Both are very good.

  Jade 14 G 15:42 07 Apr 2006

Just been looking at them all and now don't know what to get but the last link you gave me looked good as l liked the way they worded every and no one pushing you so think it might be there l get one.
My previous mail was about avg and zone uploading every week, has anyone else had this,
Thanks to you all

  Jade 14 G 15:51 07 Apr 2006

Tried what you said but didn't work but it was a shock when it happened, blamed it on using graphics for hours, but have lousy eyesight anyway so looking on the side was alfull but as l hadn't heard of it l thought it was a big fault so it was quite a surprise to get it straight so quick.
Another thing l would like to ask all of you as long as you don't mind is that l am trying to save up for a tablet pc as l cannot carry laptop about and in summer l work outside.

  Whaty 13:16 13 Apr 2006

Tracked down the computer I refered to in my previous post, the key combination is: AltGr+Left/Right Cursor

Just tried it and you can rotate the screen through 360 degrees, 90 at a time... :-)

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