adamh87 23:08 13 Oct 2005

i wana upgrade my pc and i was wondering if it can take PCI express as it cant take agp. Also wot is better PCI or PCI EXPRESS, there seems 2 be more express. Anyone got any recomendations?

  adamh87 23:10 13 Oct 2005

If someone can find out if my system has a pci express port, that'll b a great help.

PC model = Packard Bell 1517


  adamh87 23:12 13 Oct 2005

When i shut down a pop up comes up saying ending
ccApp and i have to wait for it to end or i can click to end it instantly. jus wondering if there is a way getting rid of this.

Thanks again :)

  VoG II 23:14 13 Oct 2005

Norton click here

  GaT7 23:30 13 Oct 2005

See click here. G

  GaT7 00:09 14 Oct 2005

PCI Express (or PCIE) is better than PCI. Since your system/motherboard has integrated graphics, a dedicated PCIE graphics card would be a great improvement (depending on your choice of upgrade). If you're not a gamer, then a graphics card upgrade (from the present one) will be unnecessary.

This is your system - IMEDIA 1517:
click here.

This is your motherboard:
click here, & its connectors/interfaces:
click here. As you can see it has a PCIE slot, so you should be able to upgrade to a PCIE graphics card. If you do, remember to disable the onboard grapics in the BIOS.

Before you go ahead with the upgrade, please:

1. Let someone else confirm that you CAN, or better still contact Packard Bell support click here.

2. Make sure that installing your own hardware (in this case a graphics card) doesn't invalidate the Imedia's warranty. Some warranty info click here.

To contact Packard Bell support directly to enquire about both of the above click here. G

  wee eddie 00:28 14 Oct 2005

I am not sure of the amount of experience that you have.

If you are within spitting distance of the supplier, of a trusted "PC Buff" it may be worth your while getting some help. The first time you open the box can be a pretty daunting experience.

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