New Orange Username and Broadband

  SURVEY 15:42 16 Dec 2007

As Orange take so long to respond to queries (and then often the answer is just a standard reply without actually reading the question), perhaps a forum member can answer this query.

My Broadband ISP is Orange and just at present I do not wish to change. However, due to the excessive amount of Spam that Orange does not seem to be able to stop at source (I do use Mailwasher, Zonealarm and AVG), I do wish to change my Orange email address (and therefore username).

Orange will not permit a change of username without renewing my Broadband contract for another year. Thus I shall have to retain my present username for the purpose of accessing my Broadband connection. I have set up a new Orange email address and username to help reduce the amount of Spam. Does this mean that I will have to dial in on dial-up every so often (how often?) to my new email address in order to maintain this new email address/username? I believe that just sending and receiving emails via my new email address is insufficient and one has to use the actual username to access the ISP provider to maintain the new username.

  Woolwell 16:17 16 Dec 2007

Your Orange username is also your account name. You have probably set up a new dial-up account in order to get the new e-mail address. You will in theory have to dial-in at least very 90 days in order to keep it activated. There has been a spate of bad publicity (see a number of other threads) about Orange deleting unused accounts without warning and they may be more flexible.
There have been other threads about the amount of Spam using Orange. It is becoming a pain and I am seriously considering moving from them having been a customer since the old Freeserve days.

  SURVEY 16:35 16 Dec 2007

Woolwell - you have confirmed what I suspected. One would think with Orange permitting so much Spam that they would change usernames without the 'penalty' of signing a new broadband contract!

Like you I am also thinking of migrating away. I had intended to go to BT despite their high charges; I set up a dial-up email with them in readiness to go with their broadband package but then I discovered their so-called 'help' is also based in India and having had occasion to contact their 'help' section found out that it is as bad as Orange. When will these ISP's realise that customer serbvice is important?

  Woolwell 16:44 16 Dec 2007

As I previously stated we are not alone in the amount of spam being received click here
I have managed to reduce some of the spam reaching my PC by using a filter on the webmail interface. I discovered that some spam was always using the same false name before the @ and I was able to move this into the delete file on webmail where it is not downloaded and is automatically deleted after 7 days.

  sharpamat 19:36 16 Dec 2007

I had this same problem with Orange so beware. To change or open a new account useing a different username. one needs first to cancel the current account.

Then get the migration code to set up a new one.the trouble is with Orange that until the new account is confirmed active, the thirty days notice of cancellation is not even started

In effect they charge one months payment after the new account is active for a service they are not providing/

My bank looked into the Fraud aspect of this they informed me that the amount of complaints are outstanding, and did block any more payments to Orange If you look at the addresses on the spam most are from orange uses useing freeserve or wanadoo

I switched to BT after this carry on. it was only a pound more that my old freeserve account. That gave me option three plus daytime free web calls to 01/02 numbers ( already had weekends and evening ) this also came with not only the Hub but all the wires, and the hib phone ( this an extra BT line (But read the cnditions)

Also available is BT Vision I did not take any of the packages but this also came with all wires plus laso had the added boxes to use your home electrical system with the Powerline Ethernet adapter

I would not return to Orange

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