New Operating System

  DW9047 09:49 30 Jun 2005

I have a new operating system for my 2nd PC.
The PC is currently using Windows ME (I have the Disk) and I have purchased a new Windows XP Home Edition. How can I install Windows XP (OEM) without losing all the programs and files, is it possible?, Don't want to go through re-loading etc if possible.

The PC has 20gb HD and 256 ram so should be ok for XP.


  TomJerry 10:10 30 Jun 2005

when PC is on, insert the CD in, it should automatically run setup, the screen should come up to ask you if you want to Upgrade, if you select this upgrade route, everything should be kept

I am not 100% sure if OEM version has this upgrade method, you can try to find out.

Make you you read all screen information and make correct selection.

  ventanas 10:34 30 Jun 2005

Why is your XP disc OEM and how did you acquire it? You cannot install OEM unless it was supplied with the computer, or with a qualifying item of hardware that is also installed.

  Completealias 10:46 30 Jun 2005

Thats how it is supose to be with OEM but in reality I think alot of dealers sell OEM software with no restrictions.

Give it a go as tomjerry suggested

  ventanas 10:56 30 Jun 2005

Yes I know that's how it is, but consider that when Microsoft bring in their validation procedure next month a great many of these illegal installations are going to run into trouble. At least I sincerely hope so.

You cannot legally buy OEM Windows unless it is from a certified Microsoft systems builder, and then only under certain conditions, and never over the Internet. Microsoft strictly prohibit this, unless the conditions above are met.

  DW9047 11:30 30 Jun 2005

Thanks All,

Cannot run Upgrade on OEM version, option not there on install.

I purchased the Software with all other components to build my own PC, in there error the company sent two sets of Windows. Did not realise that this was wrong ventanas, nothing on the site suggested this?

  Completealias 12:23 30 Jun 2005

You should be fine as you purchased your OEM copy with a piece of hardware which is allowed I believe

  Ancient Learner 20:30 30 Jun 2005

Are you suggesting that OEM copies can only be bought over the counter, or in response to a telephone order. If so, I suspect that that would prove to be the exception rather than the normal way. There are many well known retailers who only sell on the Internet who seem to freely sell OEM copies with a USB cable or a cheap mouse or similar.

Our friend here seems to me to have done everything correctly, heck, he's bought a whole PC, in bits, with his OEM copy.

I cannot believe that Microsoft is so naive as to not know of this prevalent practice. Personally, I think it's daft, but I suppose a firm is allowed to make its own rules for selling its products.

Incidently, just in case I were to be accused of defending myself, my XP is a full boxed upgrade copy.

  DW9047 20:14 01 Jul 2005

Have decided to clear hard drive and load XP as clean install. Will have to re-load everything on.

Thanks to all.

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