New Notebook - Wireless Connection Puzzle ??

  wifiguy 17:57 11 Oct 2005

Please help me to solve these puzzles:
I am a subscriber to the BT Yahoo! Broadband service (2 mb). I use D-Link DSL-604+ for 2 notebooks (wireless connections), and a desktop with ethernet cable connection. All have WXP os.

The desktop is within a meter from the router - excellent speed and signal - no problem.

Notebook 1 is an old Dell Latitude CPi 366XT, with a Belkin 54g wireless card. It is situated in the living room seperated by a brick wall and 2 semi-glass doors and about 5 meters from the router. No problem with internet access (speed =11.0 Mbps, signal quality: Excellent).

Notebook 2 is a new ASUS notebook with 1.87 GHz Intel Pentium M processor and uses Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection. It is situated in the same living room as Dell. Even though I have updated the driver, the speed is so low and signal is poor (1.0 Mbps) compared with that achieved on the old Dell notebook (11.0 Mbps and signal excellent). Why is the speed so low and signal so poor on this more powerful machine?

But if the new ASUS notebook is placed close to the router (within 1 or 2 meters), it has the same speed (11.0 Mbps) and excellent signal as the Dell notebook. Puzzle??

Can anyone explain? Many thanks.

  linx 18:27 11 Oct 2005

Maybe you need to update the firmware for the router.

  wjrt 22:04 11 Oct 2005

perhaps if new notebook has internal aerial rather than aerial attached to pcmia or whatever it is. was advised that for wifi connection preferred method was using the external type aerial.

  linx 09:16 12 Oct 2005

wjrt, what did you mean by external aerial for wireless connection to access the internet? Please clarify what you meant to say.

I'm sure wifiguy meant problem with wireless connection speed for internet access on the more powerful new notebook.

It seems that the router D-Link DSL-604+ is no longer in production and there is no way you can look for firmware on dlink's website. Sorry.

  wjrt 23:07 12 Oct 2005

our centrino has an internal aerial integral with the wifi card. on other machines to get wifi access you plug in a card to the pcmia or whatever slot on the laptop and these cards have an aerial sticking out from them and in previous posting when we tried to access wifi hotspot and got poor connection was told that ISP had recommended or probably more to the point had stated that connection would be better with a laptop using some form of external aerial connection rather than a small internal type aerial. wifi guy says that connection is ok when laptop is close to router so this might seem to indicate a reception problem.

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