New to networking.

  costlyspy 20:47 21 Oct 2006

Can someone help me. I'm running a pc with xp connected to net with ntl cable. I'm hoping to install a wireless network to another pc in next room but my problem is I like online gaming. If I'm connected through a router will I have problems when playing online? Was thinking of going for a router with "mimo" or I've seen one with 125mbps. Would these be ok?

  costlyspy 20:50 21 Oct 2006

Another option I would could have is to keep my pc for gaming connected via usb to cable modem and then connect router via ethernet to modem, would this work?

  mark224 13:13 22 Oct 2006

ive 2 computers 1 at work and 1 at home, only when im home i want to view files on computer at work, how can i log onto computer at work from home computer and vice vursa

  postie24 17:53 22 Oct 2006

Mark224,start a new thread you prob get more help

  Danoh 19:51 22 Oct 2006

Almost all wireless routers only uses Ethernet wired connections rather then USB.
Once you have connected a router to your Cable modem, all computers would need to be connected to the router, not the Cable modem.

If your NTL Cable modem is like mine, you can use either the USB or the Ethernet port but not both at the same time.

I'm not an online gamer but my two lads are. I have pre-N MIMO and their computers are connected wirelessly. They have not complained about any drop in gaming response, but that could be they believe it will fall on deaf ears anyway.

The younger one did have XBox live with his XBox connected directly to the router via Ethernet cable with no perceptible loss of response times compared to being connected directly to the Cable modem.

Not sure if I've been of any help..... :-(

  Strawballs 22:28 22 Oct 2006

Why would you need a 125mbps router when a 54 meg router will outstrip any connection speed you could obtain for a while.

  Ashrich 22:33 22 Oct 2006

As log as the router transfers faster than your internet connection then there should be little problem , just make sure the router's firewall is allowing the games to connect to the internet .


  Danoh 09:34 23 Oct 2006

Online gaming needs split-milli-second response times for best/better scores. This is indicated by the measure of latency in a network connection rather then throughput (mbps).
All irrelevant to me anyway as I have trouble even getting through a doorway and when I finally do I get instantly shot...

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