New to networking.

  Gailly 19:32 25 Feb 2006

Have looked for newbie thread but could not see one. I am fairly PC literate but know little about networking. I simply want to join 2 adjacent pc's with windows XP so as to share files and a broadband adsl connection. 1 PC has a network card and socket on back (RJ45?) the other does not. What hardware/software do I need? Can I for example get a second card for the pc without and simply run a cable between the 2? I notice that XP has a network wizard but without the hardware it's not much use!
Any advice gratefully received.
Many thanks.

  keewaa 20:41 25 Feb 2006

Yes you can buy a Network card for £10 eg. Netgear FA311 @£7 from Amazon, easy to install.

I'm assuming your on adsl (BT,Tiscali,Wanadoo etc) and not cable (NTL,telewest).

3 options:

a)El Cheapo, if you've no cash to spend, once you have the 2 PCs connected with a crossover cable, you enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the computer connected to the internet. Problem is it has to be on for the other PC to get Internet access.

b)Prefered Wired option using ADSL router such as Netgear DG834 and patch cables

c)Even more prefered and not much more is to buy the wireless router version and you can always go wireless anytime in the future for not much more £. Netgear DG834G £60 or Belkin F5D7632UK. Patch cables for wired connections.

  Gailly 20:49 25 Feb 2006

Thanks Keewaa. If I go for option b do I just connect the router to each network card? if so what sort of cable? Is there a USB solution?

  keewaa 11:21 26 Feb 2006

Yes, with patch cables (1 comes in the box and you can buy a 30m patch for £8 at Amazon, and can use up to 100m if necessary). Then you get the internet working, and then file sharing as outlined here click here

But the wireless router is exactly the same as the non wireless version excpet with wireless added at only £15 more, so it has 4 ports for wired plus wireless options for the future, type DG834 into Amazon search and DG834G to compare, I would recommend the DG834G even if you don't use the wireless right now.

  Gailly 15:07 26 Feb 2006

Many thanks again. I'll follow the wireless route I think.

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