new to this need help would a new graphics card

  gothicdeman 19:14 08 Jul 2009

hi to you all iam new here my son seems to have taken over my pc and he wants a new graphics card the one i have is a 8500gt and hes been reading of a gts250 i looked it up and it seemd ok went to pc world and they guy said it would not be any better then the three year old card i have in because of my AMD ATHLON 4600+ duo core ?? can anyone tell me if hes right on the sites it says it should be alot better but this guy said i was wasting my money moving up to the new card thank you so much i have 3gb ddr 2 ram 250gb hard drive and its a asrock ams motherboard

  MAT ALAN 19:27 08 Jul 2009

the only people that are going to tell you this card is OK are the people who make them, then i think they would be lying, it is considered to be the worst card in the 8 series that was ever made.
Any card will be an inprovement on this donkey piece of hardware...

What ever you choose you may also need to consider up grading your PSU, higher and cards are more resourse hungry in the wattage department...

  mrwoowoo 19:30 08 Jul 2009

Another pc world bod talking utter tosh.
You will see a marked improvement over your 8500gt.Some games such as COD 5 are quite cpu intensive,but you ATHLON is perfectly adequate.
Make sure you have at least a 450w psu for that card.

  mrwoowoo 19:35 08 Jul 2009

By the way.
I would hazard a guess that he was trying to get you to purchase a new pc.

  MAT ALAN 19:36 08 Jul 2009

Forgot to ask why you feel the need to upgrade, are you intending to play games...

  gothicdeman 19:37 08 Jul 2009

i just looked in the and the power psu is a 450w i was never any good with pcs i just got something for talking to the family with is there any other gards out there to suit my set up its xp that i have os they guy in pcword also said i had to have a 4 core to run the card which i thought was strange thank you for any help you can give

  gothicdeman 19:39 08 Jul 2009

well i have the orange box and i have crysis but my son does alot the war hammer games and such like

  MAT ALAN 19:40 08 Jul 2009


the guy said it would not be any better then the three year old card i have in because of my AMD ATHLON 4600+ duo core ??

I'm inclined to agree with you the AMD ATHLON 4600+ dual core runs at 2.4HGz and i would consider that more than adequate...

  [email protected] 19:43 08 Jul 2009

dont take advise or buy from pc world, they are very expensive click here my neighbour got a job there, hates pc's and after their training? still knew nothing about them.
you need 20amps on the 12 volt rail of the psu i think you would need to upgrade.
gts250 is pretty much a 9800gtx by the way.

  MAT ALAN 19:44 08 Jul 2009

the guy in pcword also said i had to have a 4 core to run the card...

CLUELESS!!!! good old PCW i am not or ever will be a fan of PCW they certainly know how to pick lemons that can not offer any constructive info.
How ever there are, i am sure some people that do know what there talking about its just finding them...

  gothicdeman 19:51 08 Jul 2009

well my son wanted a new card for the newer games that comming out so thats why he looked online so mr woowoo you saying the 450 psu is enough to run the gts250 i saw the novetec one and its a good price are they just slot in cards , if the psu is not enough means getting that done

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