New My Book - can I check I've formatted it right?

  Rockarch 16:39 24 Aug 2008

Hi there

I am seeking some reassurance that I've done the right thing with a new WD My Book. It is going to be used with an XP system so I reformatted it to NTFS using the instructions on the WD website.

The only thing that didn't happen as per their instructions is that towards the end of the process, I wasn't asked for the 'Volume Label' to name the drive as expected. So once it had finished I renamed the drive from 'New Volume Label' to 'My Book' which is what Windows had called it.
It all seems fine except that in Explorer, when I click on 'System Volume Information' under the new drive, I get an 'access denied' message. I just want to check that this is normal and I have done it all correctly before I start loading files onto it. My previous external allowed me to see the system volume info but that was formatted as FAT32.
Thanks in advance for your help

  version8 17:07 24 Aug 2008

Try saving something to it?

  Rockarch 17:24 24 Aug 2008

Yes I can save things to it but really I wanted to check whether I should be able to see the 'System Volume Information' as an indicator of whether the whole thing had worked correctly or not.

  woodchip 17:29 24 Aug 2008

System Volume Information. Is the Restore Information Folder, you cannot read this without using other software to see the Restore points created

  woodchip 17:30 24 Aug 2008

To check Volume, double click my computer then right click C:\ drive

  Rockarch 17:44 24 Aug 2008

Thanks woodchip. I can understand if it is the restore info but in that case can you explain why I can see the system volume info on a different external hard drive ?

  woodchip 17:48 24 Aug 2008

That folder goes on all Hard Drive Partitions so that other than C:\ can be restored. I turn Mine of for all Partitions other than the one with the Operating System on it, this I set to 9% of the Drive

  Rockarch 18:03 24 Aug 2008

Sorry, you've lost me.

On the other external drive I can open the system volume info folder and there are 2 sub folders there for restoring. On the My Book I get an access denied message when I try and open the folder and looking at the properties of this folder it is empty which is why I am not sure if I can done it correctly or if this is what I should expect?

It was a brand new drive on which I deleted the fat32 partition and then created a partition and formatted in NTFS.

  woodchip 18:06 24 Aug 2008

you have surprised me, as none of my three XP computers will let me look at any system volume information. on any partition or drive external or otherwise. I get the same message as you

  woodchip 18:08 24 Aug 2008

Plus it does not give the info you are looking for you have to do what I said in my first post to find that out

  woodchip 18:08 24 Aug 2008

Plus it does not give the info you are looking for you have to do what I said in my first post to find that out.
That mean right click the External drive letter\Properties

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