new mouse/very silly question

  iqs 17:51 29 May 2004
Locked do you install a new the title says,a very silly you uninstall the old mouse driver first.if no ,will there be any issues with two drivers.can you have both mice connectd at the same time etc.please any assistance .thanks iqs

  Djohn 18:09 29 May 2004

Not a silly question at all. If your current mouse is a standard one running off windows own drivers then just turn off your PC disconnect the mouse, connect your new one and re-boot your PC. It will work as a standard mouse until you go into mouse properties and update the driver supplied with the new mouse.

If your current mouse has it's own drivers then remove these first before doing the same as above. When you remove the drivers your mouse will continue to work but in basic form from window's drivers.

  Diemmess 18:10 29 May 2004

Without any clues about your O/S and computer, I think you should be able to remove the old mouse, and plug in the new without any fuss with software.

2 things - NEVER fiddle with meece while the computer is running.

Don't expect delight if you try and run with more than one at a time, they will argue and leave you with no control.

However,..........If you are thinking of one of those cordless mice then that seems to me a nonsense and most of what I have just written does not apply

  iqs 16:35 30 May 2004

hello djohn/diemmess.thanks for your help.the mouse im thinking of buying is from microsoft,optical current mouse is using microsofts own drivers.i hope these will work with the new mouse.if not i will install the new ones.once again thanks for your help.regards iqs

  961 16:39 30 May 2004

In that case your new mouse will come with a disk with the new drivers. Just insert the disk and it will sort it all out for you

  woodchip 16:59 30 May 2004

I have had and used two mice at the same time No problems Sorry

USB and a Serial mouse

  woodchip 17:01 30 May 2004

Not one in each hand!!!!!!! I did not try that far

  woodchip 17:05 30 May 2004

The above is handy if you are running Win98se and want to drop down into DOS and have a mouse to use in DOS program. As USB will not

  Diemmess 17:58 30 May 2004

You're right. I was thinking of times when I had a tablet pen rolling about on the pad. It was a serial connection while the mouse was OS2. The tablet took over.

In case that worries anyone, you CAN use both at the same bootup, but if not using the pen, then park it properly, or at least drop it clear of its pad.

  broggs 18:02 30 May 2004

I have two meeces connected and use them as woodchip suggests with no problems.

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