New mouse needed

  Jackcoms 13:37 16 Jun 2006

I need to buy a new mouse - nothing fancy - just a bog standard 3 button jobby.

I'm going to switch to an optical mouse because my current scroll wheel is on its last legs.

Equally, because I have no spare USB ports I need a PS/2 model.

I've tracked one down at Choice (6th item down, model MI-2100) click here

Does anybody have any experience of PS/S optical mice? Do they do the job?

  Jackcoms 13:39 16 Jun 2006

Oops! Last two sentences should read:

"Does anybody have any experience of PS/2 optical mice? Do they do the job?"

  VoG II 13:41 16 Jun 2006

I'm using my MS optical mouse connected via an adaptor to my PS/2 port to free up a USB port. It works just fine.

  Jackcoms 13:49 16 Jun 2006

Already tried that with a Dell optical mouse (I use a Dell PC) - but it simply failed to work.

I may need drivers but cannot track them down at Dell's site which is why I've decided to buy a PS/2 optical job.

I suppose though that you are, in effect, saying that optical mice DO work in PS/2 ports!

  VoG II 13:53 16 Jun 2006

Well mine does and did on my old PC, and other optical mice have as well. They have all been Microsoft - I've not tried a non-MS mouse in a PS/2 port.

  Jackcoms 13:57 16 Jun 2006

OK. I'll give it a try.

Never been let down by Choice before (although I've only used them for compatible ink until now!) ;-)

  Shortstop 14:00 16 Jun 2006

He has exactly the same set up as VoG™ - MS Optical mouse routed through a USB/PS2 adaptor.

Never had a moment's problem.



  €dstowe 15:07 16 Jun 2006

I always use wired PS/2 keyboards and rodents on my studio machines. I find they are more reliable in being "alive" at all times, particularly when making BIOS adjustments.

For my home machines I am wireless for M & K but only for portability and convenience. I always keep PS/2 versions available for making any fundamental adjustments.

  €dstowe 15:08 16 Jun 2006

Should have said "optical rodents".

  Spark6 16:14 16 Jun 2006

The Belkin wireless mouse on my laptop is first class while the Microsoft optical jobby, via a USB/PS2, on my desktop tends to wander out of control at times. Not to be recommended for sensitive adjustments.

  Spark6 16:16 16 Jun 2006

Should read USB/PS2 adaptor!

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