new motherboard and XP problem

  Bad Dad 18:48 06 Feb 2005

I installed a new motherboard and Athlon 64 cpu and kept my existing windows set up. ie left my hard drive alone. bios boots up and all fans etc. spin away but when windows loads I get blue screen telling my all isn't well - possible virus, hard disk problem etc. etc. Is this because I should install a fresh version of windows AFTER such a major change to my computer or could something else be wrong. Popped my old motherboard back in and all is well again - hence I can ask the question!
(Did it before on another computer running win98 and it didn't seem to care and carried on working, but much faster.)

As usual, any help most gratefully received.

  JonnyTub 18:50 06 Feb 2005

backup first and format the hard drive with the old mobo, install new one and reinstall xp.

Sometimes you can get away with a board swap mostly you can't.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 06 Feb 2005

Device drivers for old motherboard and CPU will not work with your current set up.

Clean install required.

  Bad Dad 21:53 06 Feb 2005

Thanks a lot. Very helpful. Cheers!

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