New Motherboard will not boot.????

  lewy40 19:50 29 Aug 2006

Hi,I have just put together a GA-81915P Duo motherboard fitted with a LGA775 CPU and 2x 512ddr400 sticks.I have formatted and fitted Maxtor 60gb HDD.The graphics card is a verto MX 400.Bought mobo off ebay so no warranty!Everything powers up but no communication with keyboard or moniter.Any help would be Great.Thanks

  Gongoozler 19:54 29 Aug 2006

Does the motherboard get as far as a POST beep?

  skell 19:57 29 Aug 2006

not sure about this board but check your Bios settings to see if you have an option to select either pci or agp fitted graphics card. also for the keyboard are you using it via usb? if so again check to make sure you usb ports are enabled.

  ed-0 20:13 29 Aug 2006

Did you format the hard drive with this machine or another machine.

If it is another machine has this one displayed anything, if not, have you connected the 4pin ATX connector along with the 24 pin ATX connector. click here

  lewy40 20:39 29 Aug 2006

No post beep keyboard/monitor not active.Carnt get onto Bios.keyboards into ps/2.mouse in usb,formatted the hdd with another machine.Only got a 24 pin connector on psu.I was thinking the psu could be under powered for this type of mobo?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:46 29 Aug 2006

Remove, reseat memory and graphics card, retry.

Key board will not work unless legacy USB for dos enabled in BIOS.

Have you install XP on HDD from other machine? If so drivers will be wrong for MOBO try rebooting with HDD disconnected, should boot to error message.

  ed-0 20:54 29 Aug 2006

" Only got a 24 pin connector on psu. "

You should have a loose 4pin sqaure connector attached to the psu. Trace all the wires from it, you need that 4 pin connector to boot the machine.

  lewy40 21:04 29 Aug 2006

yeah your right, 4pin runs cpu but theres no 4pin connector from psu but theres plenty of straights,could i utilise one of them?

  ed-0 21:41 29 Aug 2006

This is strange, a 24pin connector and no 4 pin. It's just that the 24pin psu's are the newer type.

If you do not have a seperate 4 pin one, then you will have to swap for a psu that has both a 24 pin and 4 pin.

Do you have the make and model number of the psu?

  lewy40 19:30 30 Aug 2006

changed psu will boot into bios but wont install xp pro.loads up files then goes onto error screen?any help would be appreciated.cheers

  woodchip 19:37 30 Aug 2006

Also remove the power plugs from Drives and only have the Graphics card and one stick memory. To test to see if it will go to BIOS

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