new motherboard turning back on

  GuZ' 01:54 28 May 2007

Just got a motherboard off a mate but I'm having a few problems with it.

first of all when I turn it off through windows it just restarts so I have to hold the on/off button down until it turns off. OCUld this just be wrong jumper settings?

Another thing is when the power source is turned of/unplugged from mains, the computer will not start up, I get no post and hard drive light remains on and no beeps either. I have taken it all out, then put everything back and all was fine again. Could this just be that the motherboard is wrecked?

Thanks in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 28 May 2007

when I turn it off through windows it just restarts

check power management setting in windows and the BIOS.

when the power source is turned of/unplugged from mains, the computer will not start up,

Is this a wind up?

  GuZ' 11:28 28 May 2007

Sorry I kind of didn't explain properly.

When the power source is turned off or unplugged, then plugged back in and turned back on, the computer will not start. So basically once the computer is unplugged from the wall and plugged back in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:33 28 May 2007

Can be down to a couple of things:

power supply starting to fail

capcitors on mobo require discharge
Try switching the computer off and at the wall. Then hold the start switch in for 30 seconds or more, and then re boot.

HDD slow to spin up
As drives get older, they can take longer to get up to speed and become ready (available). This can then exceed the time it takes for the booting to look for the drive - so it doesn't find it.
The solution is often to make the initial part of the boot take longer, by disabling "Quick power on self test and/or making the system look for the floppy drive first by enabling "floppy seek".
Some BIOS even have a facility to put in a delay before the hard disk is checked.

  GuZ' 16:11 28 May 2007

I have just had another play with it and if it is left for a while unplugged form every and completely removed from case and then all replaced it will all work fine. Until I restart it after its been on for a while, it will never load windows and just keeps going back to post screen. Every other time it asks to load windows normally or in safe mode etc etc but never loads windows.

  GuZ' 16:12 28 May 2007

The power supply is fine, and so is the speed of the hdd spinning up.

  Strawballs 16:38 28 May 2007

When you installed the new motherboard was it the as the old one? If not did you do a clean install of windows?

Because if not it could be a conflict of motherboard drivers, I had the same problem a couple of years ago when I did just that, I installed a different MoBo and jut installed the drivers for the new one and then had the same problem that you are getting and would not switch off properly untill I did a clean install.

  GuZ' 16:54 28 May 2007

Its a completely different motherboard and proccesor and yes I did to a clean re-install.

  Strawballs 17:00 28 May 2007

Well that rules out that then.

Will leave you to others that know more than me on this one.

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