new motherboard problems

morning im tearing my hair out!
i have fitted a new motherboard to a friends pc. the problem is if you start a game it's fine for a couple of minutes then frames drop to single figures major slowdown, then it picks back up to normal for a few mins then slows again.
this is with every recent game.specs:
amd 5200x2, on asus striker
2xgb corsiar dhx xms
8800 gtx
700 watt psu
it's a clean install of xp (sp3 installed by standalone)
i didnt install any asus software, there are no problems in device manager.
36 processes no cpu use on idle.
all temps are fine. all power cables seem ok
sisandra, pcwizard cant find anything amiss.
dxdiag show no problems.
but no games are playable and system takes a while (couple of mins) to boot
latest drivers for grx card, dx up to date all openal seems ok.

what can i try, this is day3 and im going now
many thanks.

  jimv7 11:28 10 Jul 2008

Install the motherboard drivers from the motherboard cd, windows generic drivers are not always the best.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:38 10 Jul 2008

Could be the graphics card overheating and throttling until until it cools down, allowing it to return to normal operation untill the temperature goes back up.

Make sure the graphics card fan is running ok and that there is adequate airflow though the case. If all appears to be ok then perhaps the graphics card is faulty, can you try another to confirm?

hi, thanks for the replies, i have tried different: cpu, ram, graphics card and psu, this is day3, im trying from scatch again, if this fails i think the mobo is faulty (however it worked fine for me.
it seems to be throttling somewhere and i just cant find out where, it's probably the most frustrating time i've had with a pc, im sure i've done a simple thing wrong, but cant find out what!
will keep trying, thanks again

  crosstrainer 12:09 10 Jul 2008

Extra power connection to mobo and card needed. Have you connected these required cables? Sounds like a power issue to me:

click here

This needs to be connected to the PSU.

  nosharpe 12:15 10 Jul 2008

Did you get any software that monitors the temperatures of your hardware?
Could be simple like a fan not working or not plugged in properly.

  kalignorgna 12:15 10 Jul 2008

are you using a PSU calbe to power the graphics card or an exention power cable, also just because windows says there are no faults with drivers does not make it so, install mobo drivers and reinstall graphics driver

re installed from bios reset, loaded just driver from cd, installed windows and nod only, and it's still doing the same thing. it's as sli psu with dedicated pci2 leads both of which are plugged in, temps at slowdown read mobo 42, cpu 46 grx 68/70, im guessing 2psu's may be on way out, i've come to this conclusion because i've tried everything else!

  crosstrainer 12:25 10 Jul 2008

If the power connections are there, then you are probably right, the PSU is either not up to the job, or on the way out.

See if you can borrow one to try...It could still be a faulty card after all.

costing me a fortune! it's 35 amp 12 rail psu, just installing updates praying .net update may sort, if not it's got to be hardware, all voltages are reading spot on though +- 2 either side at idle or load, the symptems are similar to running a top end game at max with 512 meg, it doesnt crash it just seems to be buffering everything, slows right down, then picks back up again, the ram volts are 1.9 so thats ok, i also ran memtest and tried other ram. i have just flashed bios. and it's still the same!!!

it is pagefiling at slowdown, so what the hell is that all about?

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