New Motherboard Problems

  Air_Man 16:55 06 Jan 2004

I am in the middle of my annual motherboard upgrade but am now rather stuck...

I purchased a new motherboard from PC World, took it home and simply replaced my old board. No problem I thought. Turned it on and beyond a lit LED on the motherboard, fans turning and the hard drive clicking - nothing! No POST beeps, no activation of the monitor and no BIOS. After hours of checking and reconnecting I took it back and got an identical replacement(after a very blatant "laugh" with the services guy about one guy who keeps bringing them back fried - subltle!). So, this time, extra careful... but still exactly the same happened. I've built several computers this year and take all anti-static precautions. I have even bought new memory (in case it got damaged somehow) and a new processor.

I am now worrying that maybe my powersupply is faulty and is frying everything I'm putting in - even the new stuff!

Any advice please before I go out and buy a new CPU too??? CPU is AMD 2200XP, memory is PC2700 DDR.

  rickf 17:21 06 Jan 2004

Are you using XP as OS. If so I am afraid changing the M/B means that the XP OS would not recognise it as it is deemed a major change. This is one of XP's features to prevent you from running one licence on more than one machine. Your only option, if that is the case, is to save as much data as you can using the old M/B and then install XP from scratch on the new system and transfer you data over. You'll have to activate again I am afraid.

  14flashgordon 18:44 06 Jan 2004

Sorry to ask this but have you checked the mobo dip switch settings. Which mobo is it? I have had no problems mobo renewall and xp. You should at least post before it questions your setup change. It could well be the 5v rail faulty from the psu. PSU's are cheap anyway. Try taking things apart again only this time connect up only the neccessary bits to get it working. You may have another component fault.

good luck.

  keith-236785 23:26 06 Jan 2004

the little wires from the case to the motherboard can be the source of many problems if they are placed on the wrong pins/wrong way round etc.

try removing all connectors except for the power switch, then try to power on. i have had the same thing as you because the reset button was stuck, so removing all except power on should at least eliminate the reset/led connectors.

have a very close look at the motherboard manual and make sure you have got them right.

Please also check that you havent left a riser under the motherboard (simple mistake when swapping motherboards, but may be shorting out the board), as 14flashgordon says only connect the bare minimum to get your computer to boot.

have you got the memory in the correct slot, most motherboards aren't fussy but some insist on if you have only only one strip of memory, it must go in bank 0.

good luck

  Air_Man 17:35 07 Jan 2004

MB is an ABIT VA-10 v1.1.

I started by seating the MB very carefully on exactly the right number of risers/spacers, installing the memory into DIMM1, the processor and fan into the socket, and then connecting the bare minimum - CPU fan, power (the ATXPWR1 and not the ATX12V1 [what is the 12V1 for anyway??]), the case mounted speaker (to the exact pins as indicated by the manual), and the Power switch to the pins as indicated in the manual. Before I went further, I wanted to hear the POST beeps to know things were ticking along ok. But, as I say, nothing.

Must admit, my feeling is now the PSU. Could I have fried things if it has failed or would it simply not provide the correct voltages to drive the CPU and BIOS to reach at least POST? All the fans work though?

I have also tried memory in each and then both slots. There are no DIP switches (that I can find!) on the MB.

One last thing of note, once I have "started" the machine by pressing the power button, they only way to turn it off is by turning of the PSU - pressing the power button simply causes a slight "static-y" type click from the speaker.

But still the little LED on the MB (not front panel as it isnt connected) continues to shine bright whenever power is there - mocking me and my efforts!

Thx for the efforts so far! why do I do this???

  14flashgordon 21:57 07 Jan 2004

The led on the mobo is usually a health check, you will have to confirm this by consulting the manual that came with the mobo or go to the manufacturers website if you have another PC. also try clearing the cmos so that you can start from afresh. This is done by moving a jumper on the mobo, check exactly which one to move by looking in the manual. If you want to force the pc to shut down; hold the power button in for more than 5 seconds, it should oblige.
The psu is a switching psu that are regulated, they don't normally cause things to blow up, depending on quality it can be the other way around.
The mobo sometimes monitors the fan speed of the cpu cooler fan, if this is not connected then it will shut down. check that its connected to the correct header.

The 12v is for the case fans.

Can you send digital photo's of the setup?

My son's freind has got the exact same probem today but with an MSI mobo. I will come back with the findings if you are still at battle later in week.

  dave-jens 23:05 07 Jan 2004

Did you clear the CMOS with the jumper or battery removal?
( Silly question perhaps as you have dome this before.)

  woodchip 23:12 07 Jan 2004

Did you set the CPU jumpers correct

  woodchip 23:13 07 Jan 2004

If not you may have blown the CPU

  DieSse 23:49 07 Jan 2004

To switch off from the front panel switch, simply hold it in for about 6 secs.

There is a BIOS setting to give either this delay, or instant, normally.

  redshift300 16:56 08 Jan 2004

Just a thought, has your new motherboard got a square 4 pin socket located near the ATX power socket and has your old PSU got the 4 pin plug.
This socket is to supply power to the CPU.
Old motherboards of a couple of years ago did not need this. Hope this helps.

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