New Motherboard - Cannot boot into Windows XP

  item 17:04 27 Sep 2004

Just installed an ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard to replace A7A266. Fitted XP2200 CPU, Fan and heatsink, and the original 2 x 256 DDR memory plus NVIDIA Geforce2 MX/MX 400 graphics card.

PC boots OK, can get into BIOS, recognises memory but will not boot into Windows XP. Have tried Mesh recovery disc which seems to work OK until it tells me the NVIDIA card has not passed the Windows XP loggo test. If I say Yes to installing, the istallation stops `after a few seconds and goes back to BIOS boot up. Windows installation restarts with the same result. Grateful for any ideas

  david.h 17:31 27 Sep 2004

have you tried a reformat and a clean install?

  item 17:33 27 Sep 2004

Don't want to lose data on HD which presumably I will if I reformat

  Sion 17:48 27 Sep 2004

your going to have to i'm afraid ! when you replace your motherboard, windows will not boot up as it contatains all the device drivers from the previous motherboard. Only way to get it to work is a) reformat harddrive or b)put your old motherboard back in the machine, back up all of your data, then put in your new motherboard, reformat hard drive, put on clean new install of windows.

sorry, i've had this trouble with my friends machine and also mine. it's a pain.

  pc moron 17:56 27 Sep 2004

You say you have a Mesh Recovery Disk.

This type of disk will normally return the PC to the condition it was in when it was delivered, and will only function with the original hardware.

If you have a WinXP CD then you could try steps 3 to 7 at click here

  Dorsai 18:03 27 Sep 2004

It is, from what i have heard, a copy protection feature of XP. Xp thinks you are trying to get a copy registered on one PC (your old one) working on a second PC (your new one).

The fact that the old PC no longer exists is beside the point as far as XP is concerned. (It knows the mobo and CPU are different to the ones it was activated on, and assumes it is a different PC is is being asked to run on).

In effect Xp thinks you have installed it on one PC (and then activated it), made a full Image of this PC's HDD, and installed that image (of an activated install of XP) on a second PC, in an attempt to get around the need to activate XP on the second PC.

Ditto for the recovery disk, it is expecting the mobo mesh built the pc with. Don't know how to solve the problem though, short of buying a full copy of XP.

I suspect that blanking the HD, won't help. You will lose the data you want to keep, and still not be able to use the recovery disk.

  item 20:47 06 Oct 2004

Thanks for suggestions. Replaced motherboard and rebooted from CD drive with XP disc. Seems to have loaded XP into a different location. Start up give me the option of choosing from 2 Windows XP. If I choose one the system fails to load with the security message. If I choose the other, everything seems to be OK. The only thing I seem to have lost is outlook express and all email and addresses (needed clearing out anyway!)
Bit tortuous but got there in the end!

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