New mother board

  toonfireman1 16:07 05 Jan 2003
  toonfireman1 16:07 05 Jan 2003

I have a problem??
PC keeps freezing and crashing, I have been informed it could be my mother board presuming it is how can I check it?, can you recommend a new one

  Carl_booth 16:14 05 Jan 2003

I have a GigaByte GA-7ZXE which was £50 (6 months ago, probably even cheaper now) from works great. Bargain buy.

  misery 16:18 05 Jan 2003

looked in Device Manager to see if there are any conflicts with hardware?

  Rayuk 16:20 05 Jan 2003

It could be your motherboard it could also be one of many other things also,post your specs
ie/Motherboard/ram/psu/cpu [overheating.]

  AdeJ 17:39 05 Jan 2003

..freezing and crashing can be virtually any component, driver/device conflict or software bug - what makes you think its the mobo and is there any pattern or error message?

  rickf 17:55 05 Jan 2003

Please give more info as suggested

  toonfireman1 18:53 05 Jan 2003

When I try to run scan disc it crashes
I get error message
File name vwin32(05)
+ 00000bf4 error
oe. 28. co2a3dc
Blue screen

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