New monitor... will this be a problem?

  Simsy 20:25 31 Jul 2009


with apologies in advance, because I don't have all the information that may be needed...

My sister desperately needed a new monitor to replace her very old 15" CRT. Budget was very much an issue, so after doing some research into what was available, she's bought, on my recommendation,(!) a 17" widescreen Dell, getting change out of £100, from eBuyer, and it's arrived.
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I'm going over to see her in the week to "install" it, but something has just occurred to me...

The PC is about 2 years old. It's an eMachine unit, bought from Morgan computers. I don't remember the spec, but it's contemporary, with, I think, a dual core Intel cpu. (I give that info as a way of roughly dating it!) I think it probably has onboard graphics.

Now the native resolution of the new monitor is 1400 x 900

Is this likely to be something that the onboard graphics can handle?

I realise there's not much info there to go on, but if anyone can confirm that they are running that sort of resolution, with onboard graphics a couple of years old, I'd be really grateful!

Thanks in advance,



  Strawballs 20:31 31 Jul 2009

Just plug it into graphics output and away you go.The monitor will handle lower resolutions if need be.

  GaT7 20:34 31 Jul 2009

Yep, the only way you'll know if onboard graphics will be up for it is to try it out. Change settings if necessary.

If no joy, update the graphics drivers & try again.

If still no joy, you'll have to get a dedicated GPU. G

  Simsy 20:40 31 Jul 2009

I know the monitor will handle lower resolutions... my concern is whether it will handle the aspect ratio of 14/9

Updating the graphics driver hadn't occurred to me. Doh! I hope that that will solve any problem there might be.

My sister lives a long way from me and if we have to get another graphihcs card it will mean another trip!


I'll leave this open, in case anyone else can give a more definite "Yes, it will be fine!"




  DieSse 20:49 31 Jul 2009

A definite answer isn't possible - we would need to know the motherboard/on-baord graphics spec to even look for a possible answer.

  Simsy 20:57 31 Jul 2009

I was hoping that someone with kit of a similar vintage could give me hope!




  BT 07:40 01 Aug 2009

I did a very similar thing with my old selfbuilt PC. Its about 8 years old now I suppose, with an ATI Radeon Graphics card of the same vintage. The 17" HannsG Widescreen LCD Monitor that I bought works fine.

Experiment with the resolutions. I find that to get things looking right you need to put something on the screen that you know is truly circular and adjust until it looks correct.

  Simsy 08:33 01 Aug 2009

That's promising. What resolution is your monitor running at?



  Stuartli 09:10 01 Aug 2009

If you right click on an empty area of the Desktop>Properties>Settings tab>click on Advanced button>Adapter tab>click on List All Modes button.

This will reveal a list of the on-board graphics/graphics card's capabilities for colour/resolution/refresh rate combinations.

Choose the appropriate native TFT resolution for the monitor (refresh rate is normally 60Mhz for such monitors), plus colour and, after highlighting the line, click OK.

Allow Windows to retain the settings and then Cancel out.

Your resolution settings for a 16:9 17in widescreen monitor are most likely to be 1440x900.

Various widescreen TFT resolution settings can be found at:

click here

  Simsy 09:16 01 Aug 2009

That will be very helpful!



  Simsy 09:35 01 Aug 2009

I've read elsewhere that the contents of the displayed list are dependant on the capabilities of the monitor attached... do you know if this is so?

If that's the case I'll have to attach the monitor first anyway.

Do you know if it's so?



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