New monitor still only analog...

  1248fixx 13:00 02 Feb 2011

I was bought a superb monitor for Christmas ( Samsung SyncMaster B2240), but cannot get a digital signal to it. Using the digital cable supplied doesn't provide any signal at all to the monitor, so I have to use a different lead to connect to the monitor (it has a BLUE connector both ends if that helps), and an adaptor at the other end of the cable to plug it into the digital output of the PC. What's wrong? Do I have to physically do something to the graphics card? (ATI Radeon HD 5600).

many thanks


  KremmenUK 13:07 02 Feb 2011

Well that model should have a DVI connection which is the best to use as the Graphics Card controls everything so no setting up to do.

Presumably the cable is definitely DVI ?

  1248fixx 13:53 02 Feb 2011

KremmenUK - thanks for the reply - DVI, that's it! I couldn't remember the correct name for it...When I connect this to the PC and the monitor, the screen stays blank, However, using the cable I had for the previous monitor, I use an adaptor at the PC end to connect to the DVI socket, but the other end has to go into the 'Non' DVI socket of the monitor( RGB?) in order to get a picture. Don't get me wrong, it's still great picture, but would really like to see it realise it's full potential?

  hssutton 13:55 02 Feb 2011

This monitor has both DVI & VGA connectors, so get a DVI cable, assuming your graphics card has DVI out as well as VGA.

  1248fixx 13:58 02 Feb 2011

I already have a DVI cable, it came with the new monitor. It works, because I queried this at PC World who used the cable to connect a PC and monitor in their store and it worked. I meant to say VGA, nor RGB, sorry!Graphics card does indeed have both options


  1248fixx 14:00 02 Feb 2011

Just to clarify...I know it's an Analog signal because a small, basically black rectangle appears top left on the monitor on switching on, with some smaller white circles inside it, with the words 'Analog' coming up

  Diemmess 14:07 02 Feb 2011

As KremmenUK says it should be truly plug and play with no setting up to do

For normal purposes the traditional connection (VGA) using the "old" VGA cable, will be adequate and in fact quite difficult to distinguish from the multi-pin DVI cable.

I'm guessing,but I think you have a duff cable.

I do have the same Samsung monitor and agree it is a beauty and worked from the start without fuss.

  1248fixx 15:49 02 Feb 2011

Well, if the cable is duff, then PC World were telling porkies!?

  Diemmess 16:01 02 Feb 2011

It would seem so...........
Check there are no bent/broken pins at either end and
I would take the cable to the nearest repair place and ask them to try it for you on one of their demos.

When I boot up and during the P.O.S.T., I see a small square top left, white border which togges repeatedly between Analogue and Digital until it is satified which is the connection actually found.

  daxian 16:17 02 Feb 2011

hi .....
it may be that you need to switch modes in the setup on the monitor screen..
had that on my last monitor ....Dave

  lotvic 17:40 02 Feb 2011

Possibly this could help click here says it is something to do with refresh rates that stops DVI displaying so you have to alter it. (it's from 2006 but sounds relevant to the problem)
Other things to try click here

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