New Monitor needed TFT or CRT?

  fritwash 13:41 28 Jan 2005

My CRT monitor no longer works and I was thinking of upgrading to a TFT one, I have a digital camera and use photoshop to tweak my pictures.

I have been told it may be worth sticking with CRT as they give a better view when using programs such as Photoshop especially when zooming in, something to do with the pixels, which is a bit beyond me.

Could you give me any advice and recommendations for monitors please.


  €dstowe 13:47 28 Jan 2005

Probably the best thing to do is to go you your nearest dealer/shop/computer superstore and look at both types, especially a TFT if you're used to a CRT.

It's very much a personal thing. Myself, I wouldn't give a TFT a second look, I can't get on with them at all yet some of my staff wouldn't use anything else.

If you do go and have a look , don't just give a casual glance. Spend some time looking at it and, preferably, doing something on a machine fitted with a TFT to see if it suits you.

  Djohn 14:16 28 Jan 2005

in that it will be better to try one first. €dstowe is also very experienced in the type of work that you require a monitor for. I use a TFT and would not dream of going back to a CRT monitor. It does depend on the type you choose though and there are several types of TFT panel.

The ones with a faster response time for playing of games tend to have a narrow viewing angle, [Not all of them] Look for one that has a viewing angle of 175 degrees in both plains and you will be very close to what a CRT can produce in quality of display when viewed from various angles.

My 17" TFT has a wide viewing angle and gives the same even display if sat down or stood up in front of the monitor or if I move to one side. The colours only start to fade out if I move a considerable distance to the left or right of the panel.

Previous TFT monitor had a viewing angle of 125x140 degrees and I needed only to move my head up/down or to the right/left by a small amount to see the colours and brightness fade to an unacceptable amount.

  961 14:26 28 Jan 2005

I have been a great advocate of CRT both for price and quality

In the last 6 months however, TFT has moved on in terms of response time and in lower prices

If you are after quality in colour and quality for editing digital photos then I would still, for the moment, stick with CRT

However, for convenience and the space on the desktop plus a similar price, I think TFT is now moving ahead

The only minus factor is the dead pixel syndrome

These are less common than they were but they are still a factor if you end up with a screen that is less than perfect

You need a deal that will enable you to return the screen that has them

  citadel 22:30 28 Jan 2005

I would recommend the hyundi imagequest 19" , even though its a 19" it is a compact design and does not take up a lot of space.

  Totally-braindead 22:33 28 Jan 2005

I like my TFT and don't think I'd go back to a CRT but as has been pointed out its a preference thing. The advice to go look at them is a good one. If you do get a TFT then make sure they play a game or DVD on it as some of them aren't good at moving images, they're blurry.

  JonnyTub 22:34 28 Jan 2005

get a tft, unless your using your monitor for professional applications you wont see the difference

  woodchip 22:38 28 Jan 2005

Any type of Photo or Drawing is better on a Crt. A Graphics workshop would not use TFT

  JonnyTub 00:14 29 Jan 2005

exactly a graphics workshop, pro's.........

  Sonic21 00:21 29 Jan 2005

I have just gone through the same decision but had decided i wanted a TFT from the outset.

I bought the Viewsonic VE902m its a 19" and cost £250 it had great reviews ive had it 3 weeks and think its great.

  Mango Grummit 01:10 29 Jan 2005

I use one of each every day, in almost equal measure, and find that I have no real preference either way. So I would say TFT for style and space-saving and CRT for value for money.

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