New Monitor and Graphics Card.

  B33 21:37 23 Nov 2007

Recently I purchased a:

Radeon x1950 pro agp 8x graphics card
and a
22" Samsung SyncMaster 226BW

When the monitor is turned on it has problems finding a signal it switches between the analogue and digital modes looking for the signal.

Sometimes I do not get this straigt away and xp will load fine.

However, sometimes when I turn the pc on it tries to find a signal. If I leave it the monitor screen either goes blank or it says searching for signal cable but never finds one.

If this happens I have to turn off the pc and the monitor and try it again.

It was working fine until i tried to run cod4 and then the screen went blank and it started the analogue and digital cycle again straight away.

On my graphics card it has 2 connectors on the card which are meant to be connected to the power supply however only one is connected because there isn't another connector for the 2nd. Is this a problem, is the card not getting enough power?

I would be glad of any help.

  SANTOS7 21:52 23 Nov 2007

Could well be a PSU issue if you do not have a direct power supply to your Graphics card it will draw power from the MOBO only if your card is resource hungry this may not be enough.
next question is,What wattage is your existing PSU

  B33 21:56 23 Nov 2007

It says that it is 400w.

  SANTOS7 22:01 23 Nov 2007

Tech specs suggest 450W minimum and i would assume that is with a direct power supply, i think a bigger PSU is the answer to your problem...

  B33 22:03 23 Nov 2007

Ahhh right thankyou so much for replying so quickly. I shall go and buy a new one tomorrow.

  SANTOS7 22:04 23 Nov 2007

Glad to help, let us know how ya got on,good luck...

  umbongo(uk) 22:11 23 Nov 2007

ok have you tried updating the drivers for the card yet if not heres the link to yours

click here

just download option 2 for the moment(just the driver not the entire suite) and see if this clears the problem

dont forget to do the unplug replug in cable check
and also see if the card is seated check ie uplug the card and plug back in to agp slot
i know ur gonna say but ive done that , its always best to double check then install new driver then you know youve started from scratch and the problem may be somthing else

cod 4 has had issue,s since release on certain cards there,s a patch for the game get that as well as updating the graphics driver

cod 4 patch

click here

  umbongo(uk) 22:12 23 Nov 2007

lol forgot to ask about power supply

  B33 00:08 24 Nov 2007

I have downloaded the Display Driver. But as soon as I try to download my other drivers from the CD's the monitor turns blank and goes through the analogue, digital cycle again.

I will purchase a 600w psu,
My card has 2 connectors attached to it, so I am guessing that I will need a new cable as well?

  B33 19:01 25 Nov 2007

Well i installed a new psu and it works fiiine now.
Smooth Game play and Monitor doesn't turn off. Perfect.
after a while (1 hour) my sound turns off. I downloaded the latest driver but it still happens.
Any more advice would be great.

  umbongo(uk) 19:15 28 Nov 2007

uninstall the sound driver
run ccleaner
then reinstall the driver for sound

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