New Monitor

  Petesilver 17:08 05 Jan 2009

i want to replace my monitor 17" with a bigger screen one but not all that sure what size screen I can go up to and/or what limitations my PC sets
I have windows XP
I would like to go up to 20"or 22" but is my pc capable

  howard64 17:17 05 Jan 2009

it will work at least as a basic monitor whatever size you get. If your pc has a built in graphics chip on the mobo it might be limited but if you have a separate qraphics card your only limit will be the amount of ram on it.

  Stuartli 17:21 05 Jan 2009

The limit will be the resolution/colour/refresh rates capabilities of a graphics card or on-board graphics.

You can find out the limits of your current card by right clicking on the Desktop>Properties>Settings tab>Advanced button>Adapter tab>List All Modes button.

A list will appear of the various combinations provided - if you highlight and click on a listing that combination would be set (you would need to ensure that Windows doesn't need to Reboot for it to take effect).

  Stuartli 17:23 05 Jan 2009

The monitor would also need to be able to support any combination chosen, but this shouldn't prove a problem with quality products.

  Petesilver 11:44 06 Jan 2009

Thanks for all your help

my Graphics card is Radeon 9200 Memory size 128mb

is this ok.

I am just a bit wary of buying somthing thats not suitable

  Stuartli 13:26 06 Jan 2009

Have you used List All Modes?

I have a humble Radeon 9550 which is used with a 21in CRT monitor at 1152x864, highest 32bit colour and an 85MHz refresh rate - it can do even better but it's not required.

  Stuartli 13:27 06 Jan 2009

I presume you are looking for a TFT monitor - these normally have a native resolution and a 60MHz refresh rate.

  Petesilver 16:55 06 Jan 2009

Yes i do want a TFT
But what i don't understand is i looked at the modes and the highest given is 1280x1024 but some of the larger monitors i have looked at seem to give somewhat higher for example a 22" gives a resolution of 1680x1050 so I assume this would not be ok ??.
Sorry but i don't really understand to much tech jargon

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