New Modem Problem - Can't Get Rid Of Dial Up

  Legslip 17:20 18 Sep 2011

I have replaced a pals Speedtouch modem with a Netgear Wireless router supplied by Virgin. He can now connect straight to the net via Int Explorer without any prompts but when he tries to check Email, he still gets a Dial Up Modem window that asks him to connect. How can we get rid of this and have his Email prog. (Windows Mail) connect and check automatically? Running Vista!

  birdface 17:25 18 Sep 2011

Maybe try Internet Options.Connections and make sure never dial a connection is dotted and apply is pressed.

  Legslip 17:48 18 Sep 2011

Thanks Buteman. Checked Connections and although the Never Dial Up button is chosen the whole of the 'Choose Settings' section is greyed out so I can't change anything there if I wanted to. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

  birdface 18:23 18 Sep 2011

While in there click on Lan Settings and tick automatically Detect settings.

Use a proxy server underneath should be unticked as it is sometimes used by Trojans and Virus's.

To get it to run at start up I think you have to go to all programs and drag w/Mail to start up and drop it in there But just tried and it would not work. So I will probably have to remember how it is done and get back to you,

  birdface 18:46 18 Sep 2011

Ok as you are using Vista this should work.

Go to start.

Go to all programs.

Open the program folder

And click and hold the exe. File and drag it to your startup program folder.

Now it will load automatically when you are starting up windows XP or Vista.

The only problem now is that you’ll see an open program each time you startup you system and to me that’s pretty annoying.

Just follow the next tips to get it out of the way.

Go to start.

Go to all programs.

Open the startup folder.

Right click on the program that you like to minimize.

And select properties.

Here you’ll see a run option; select minimized and click OK and your done.

I can vouch for when it opens being a nuisance and the bottom part of that to run it minimized seems to be a good idea,

  birdface 18:50 18 Sep 2011

Just wondered if when you opened connections in internet options whether there was anything typed in the big box.I don't think there should be anything in that box if you do not use dial Up.

But to be safe wait and see what others think.

  Legslip 18:51 18 Sep 2011

Appreciate your help Buteman. Funny thing is that in Win Mail - Tools - Account- Properties, there are five tabs. I can open them all except the connection tab which when clicked says 'not responding and I have to shut Mail down and restart.

  birdface 19:28 18 Sep 2011

Not sure if I use the same.Windows Live mail but no tools on that mind you using W/7 so there may be a difference.

  Legslip 20:22 18 Sep 2011

Buteman. No nothing in big box.

**Go to start. Go to all programs. Open the program folder And click and hold the exe. File and drag it to your startup program folder.** Can you kindly explain a little more please? Dont quite follow.

  mgmcc 20:29 18 Sep 2011

Having changed from a USB ADSL Modem to a Modem/Router, so that internet access is now via the Local Area Network, any software associated with the previous Speedtouch modem should be uninstalled. Otherwise, Windows will continue to try connecting to the internet unnecessarily.

  Legslip 20:57 18 Sep 2011

Guys. Thanks for input. Just found that updates wewre switched off! No updates installed for Vista. Doing all updates and will check then. Will also run Revo Uninstaller. Will reort back on Tuesday

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