new modem install - unable to open com port

  sims 13:56 01 Apr 2004

I had a pci modem that would forcibly install to com5 which the Juno internet-connection software would not recognize; although it did work at some point in the past. I have replaced it with a new pci modem, removed all existence of the old (including registry), and installed new driver software. The new modem installs to com2 or com3 but I continue to receive the error: "Cannot open com port" no matter what I try. I am ready to chuck the whole pc - please help.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:55 01 Apr 2004

What operating system, motherboard and modem?

An answer will depend on these...

  speedy007 15:48 01 Apr 2004

you want to follow the info that came with your modem and check to make sure the IRQ's and intterupts are set properly.

  canard 20:13 01 Apr 2004

Try changing the com port and see if this fixes it. Mine installed itself on the wrong one and changing the com port got it going.

  sattman 20:23 01 Apr 2004

I have had real problems with PCI modems and so called virtual ports.

Try first to delete the moden in device drivers and reboot this might allow it find a port that works.

Also sometimes you may find that removing the PCI card, rebooting and then refitting may sort it out.

Conflicts of ports can be a pain.

  speedy007 22:21 01 Apr 2004

try this. go into control panel then select ports.
select com port 2 and then change the resources to the following.
I/O Range 03E8 - 03EF and the IRQ to 03.
restart computer and go back into diagnostic.
let me know how you get on.

  Eastender 23:18 01 Apr 2004

I have found on a couple of occasions, when installing a new modem, that deleting the modem AND the Dial Up Networking and then making a new connection and point the DUN to the new modem driver helps when installing a new modem.

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