New mobo but processor speed wrong

  rich88 18:09 18 Sep 2004

i bought a new processor (AMD ATHON 3200)and found out my motherboard did not go pass 166fsb, previously i had a AMD 2500, i bought a new motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7VT600- 400mzh FSB), i installed it and it works but it runs as an-ATHON tm- with no name and it runs at 1.1ghz instead of something like 2.2ghz, do i have to fiddle with the jumpers, or the bios, im a noob with jumpers so please explain in a dumbed down explaination thanks

  Noleg24 18:37 18 Sep 2004

setting jumpers can help to increase/decrease the speeds but be careful as some of the changes can be fatal and cause the CPU to stop working altogether. your best bet would be to get the 2500 Athlon XP back and return the mobo and get the MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR cos when you put this mobo with the AMD AthlonXP 2500 you can overclock it to 3200 just by going into the BIOS. but make sure its the Barton core version of the 2500 cos not is it reliable but when it overclocks to 3200 which is about 2.2GHz your flying your better off with MSI Delta K7N2-ILSR click here will give you more info and the AMD Athlon 2500 as long as you aint gotten rid of it...

  Noleg24 18:39 18 Sep 2004

one more thing...make sure you have a decent sized fan to cool th CPU if and when you overclock it to 2.2GHz...mine is at 40 degrees C with the same heatsink and FAN since I built my PC back in Jan 2004..and yes I have the MSI mobo so I wouldnt be telling you this for nothing...

  Gaz W 18:40 18 Sep 2004

I think you need to adjust the SW1 switch on your motherboard. I think you will find instructions on page 10 of your motherboard manual. It needs to be set to 166MHz/200MHz (same setting for both I think) to get a 400MHz FSB. This should run your processor at the correct speed automatically.

You can verify the FSB speed by looking in the BIOS (press Delete on POST - it should say at the bottom of the screen when you first switch on "Press DEL to enter Setup") - then when you are in the BIOS go to "Frequency/Voltage Control" and by "CPU Host Frequency (MHz)" it should (hopefully) say 200MHz.

  Gaz W 18:44 18 Sep 2004

Or you could just go with what Noleg24 says!

I was thinking it's odd to get a motherboard now that requires jumper settings to be changed; most are done through software in the BIOS.

I've heard recently from this forum (I think it was TomJerry) that you can use a mobile Athlon XP 2500+, give it the standard voltage and be able to overclock it to get really fast speeds out of it... something I will definitely be trying out!

  rich88 15:33 19 Sep 2004

thanks guys ill try what gaz w said then ive it screws up ill try use my old 2500, i hope it works though cause i just put it in a box full ripped paper!

  rich88 15:37 19 Sep 2004

when i open the jumper do i just pull it up a bit, or do i take it off, and also do i set the 3200 on the bios 200mhz or 400mhz FSB?

  rich88 16:02 19 Sep 2004

do i need to take the battery out aswell?

  Rayuk 19:37 19 Sep 2004

Just take the jumper off, there is no need to take the battery out.

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