new mobo probs

  bigboab y 17:19 17 Jan 2003
  bigboab y 17:19 17 Jan 2003

This is a reprise of a subject i posted last week.. anyhoo now fitted new mobo QDI Synactix 1 .. plugged it all up.. put in original cpu (celeron 633).. now the only thing i get is a flashing red l.e.d just below the memory modules.. the previous posting suggested that when my mobo got fried (due to faulty psu) the cpu was probly fried as well.. would this cause the almost dead state the system is now in?? help much appreciated

  misery 20:11 17 Jan 2003

light near to the ram on my board means the ram isn't seated. Swich off and reseat the ram. What does the mobo manual say about the fault?

  bigboab y 20:29 17 Jan 2003

Cant find any mention of it on download manual .. however i'll check that first .. misery?? surely not

  bikerman 20:51 17 Jan 2003

When my PSU threw a wobbly and died it took the whole lot out, mobo,cpu,graphics card,modem etc. double misery or what??

  bigboab y 10:33 18 Jan 2003

Thats a bummer bikerman .. I am just keeping my fingers crossed the CPU didnt cop it.

  bigboab y 15:53 30 Jan 2003

this is turning into a bliddy saga.. finally got round to having a go at this .. fitted a new power unit,processor(had to wait for it arriving),and even the sdram... now it starts light stays on.. (as it should)..but on boot up using a windows ME start up disc,it doesnt seem to "see" the hard drives or either of the two cd roms ..(one is a rewriter).. but i get so far and a message says something about no fat 32 on hard disk,and/or a virus checker should be run... can a virus knock out hard disk AND both cd roms??.. i end up with an A> prompt with which i cant do anything ...within my limited knowledge... HELP almost at the pick a window time

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