new mobo not seeing any drives.

  Fred Heartsun 21:29 28 Jan 2006

just bought an asus a8n-sli with amd64 3500+ chip to replace my old a7n8x-x with amd2500+ chip. followed all the instructions and it boots into bios no problem. once in bios however, there are no drives. i checked the cables, replaced them with ones i knew worked. same thing. also, i put my ddr 333 mem (1.5 gig) in 3 of the 4 slots but it says i only have 0.5 gig. i`m probably missing something obvious. any ideas?

  wobblymike 22:26 28 Jan 2006

Go into BIOS and check the drives are set to auto detect

Board should support up to 4Gb of DDR333 RAM - check in BIOS to ensure RAM speed correctly set.

  007al 22:32 28 Jan 2006

Did you clear CMOS,so everything was set to default?

  Fred Heartsun 22:34 28 Jan 2006

it`s a brand new mobo, so never thought of clearing it. will try that thanks. as soon as CSI finishes :)

  Eric10 22:42 28 Jan 2006

With regard to the memory, I suggest that you read the memory configuration section in the manual very carefully and check the memory that you have as it is very specific as to what can be used and in what configuration. The following is an excerpt from the online manual:

"Due to CPU limitation, this motherboard does not support DIMM modules with 128Mb memory chips or double-sided x16 memory chips."

  wobblymike 22:46 28 Jan 2006

Fred Heartsun
Eric10 makes an excellent point above I didn't spot that when I had a quick look at the boards specs earlier. It has also reminded me that I have also had problems with ASUS boards and double sided RAM modules in the past - Eric10 may well have got this one for you.

  Fred Heartsun 23:48 28 Jan 2006

all 3 modules are ddram 333, which are supported by the board. i`ll try resetting the cmos. oh. strange. the power supply yo the board is 20 pin but the mobo is 24 pin. what psu do i need? currently using a 550 watt psu.

  clayton 01:28 29 Jan 2006

i think you will find that this motherboard has two power supply sockets, one 24 pin that you connect your 20 plug into & a seperate 4 pin socket @ the top close to the processor, is this connected ?

  Fred Heartsun 10:32 29 Jan 2006

yes, it`s connected. will look for a psu with 24 pins, see if that helps.

  Eric10 11:50 29 Jan 2006

24pin PSU. click here

Going back to the memory: The manual states:
When using one DDR DIMM module, install into DIMM_B1 slot only.
When using two DDR DIMM modules, install into DIMM_A1 and DIMM_B1 slots only.

Nowhere does it say you can use three DIMMs. My understanding of this is that you can use one DIMM, two DIMMs or four DIMMs but not three.

  jack 12:10 29 Jan 2006

A new MoBo inevitably means a reformat and reload.
This is because the installed O/S will not recognise the new chipset commands.

So in addition to the new PSU configuration, and the Memory installation, you will need to have a clear drive for a new install..

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