new mobo boot up probs

  bigboab y 16:36 31 Jan 2003

This is a reprise of an item I posted the other day (and closed)... 1.mobo fried by faulty power unit 2.replaced mobo and cpu (both from different sources on Ebay)..3.replaced the sdram.. NOW when I try to go into SETUP it freezes at first page.. no matter how often I try.. I get the beeps but then can go no further ... any thoughts ???

  bigboab y 16:37 31 Jan 2003

Meant to mention I cleared the cmos by moving a jumper.

  Elrond 16:43 31 Jan 2003

what beeps you gettting. Does your mobo state the BIOS beep codes? Cud be a memory problem. Is it seated correctly? Or Graphics card. Again is it seated properly?

  bigboab y 17:06 31 Jan 2003

MMMM not that clever elrond.. I was messing about today and it wouldnt even start till I took out one of the two 32 meg memory strips..but got the problem I have described.. so I thot mibbe the other strip is nacked as well.. so (still with me ?) bought a brand new 128 meg strip shoved it in ... same fault.. one beep seems to come from the wee speaker and the other from the mobo.

  BrianW 18:02 31 Jan 2003

Did you have the power of and the socket out when you cleared the BIOS? On the QDI boards it states that if you close the clear CMOS jumper when connected, even if off at the mains, it can cause start up problems (or fried board and chips?). Not sure if this is a universal problem.

  bigboab y 18:18 31 Jan 2003

i unplugged the mains lead is all .. workshop manual says thats all thats needed

  duplo 18:33 31 Jan 2003

Can you get into the BIOS.

I only ask becuase it may be that when you cleared the CMOS it set it self to "basic defaults". Some machines wont boot up with these defaults (i.e.mine!). If there is an option to boot with optimal (or such) defaults try those?

Just an idea... I may be off by a mile.

  bigboab y 20:28 01 Feb 2003

Eureka .. from threads posted on here.. I unplugged all drives then restarted the puter.. went into setup (is that the same as BIOS ?) and made sure all drives were enabled (which they weren't) .. plugged everything back in and it booted up nae bother ..just one wee problem.. because of the original fry -up I thot the hard drive might have been nacked as well.. so i used a 2.5 gig spare on the above modus operandi .. however when i put in the original quantun 15 gig drive ,I get a message saying I need to partition the drive.. when I run fdisk it doesnt like it..says FAT32 is missing (huh????).. do some mobos have a limit to the size of HD you can fit or is there a plan T for bobby I can try ??

  bigboab y 22:08 03 Feb 2003

this is your last chance :-)

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