New Mesh computer

  Done and dusted 20:14 14 Sep 2005

Having difficulty choosing between Matrix Titan Immerse, Matrix Titan BPC and Matrix Ascenda Pro. All have slightly different specs but similar prices. Anyone out there know what advantage one has over another in simple non-tech terms?

  johnnyrocker 20:17 14 Sep 2005

best bet type mesh in the search bar to the left and see other points of view.


  Done and dusted 20:20 14 Sep 2005

Oh dear - any suggestions on alternatives?

  Rigga 20:38 14 Sep 2005

why Oh dear? and alternatives.

If you typed any computer manufacturers name into the search of forum's such as this one, you will find all manufacturers have hundreds of complaints.

What you won't find, is the thousands and thousands of satisfied customers, posting about how fantastic their experience with their new machines. Forum's like this exist to solve problems, without a problem most people do not post.

I don't want to tell you to buy any particular machine, I myself have a Mesh and it been trouble free, I've also recommended Mesh to several friends and family and all their machines are fine.

The moral being, and I'm sorry to say this, it's all a bit pot luck. I myself chose Mesh as they have a valued support person, Davey, that visits this forum to provide help and assistance. and As I was torn between several manufacturers, this one fact alone swung me towards Mesh.

For what it's worth manufacturers like Mesh, Evesham, and Dell, to name only a few, all sell good machines, but obviously given the complexity of computers, things do sometimes go wrong.


  Done and dusted 20:54 14 Sep 2005

Point taken. Currently have a Tiny which has lasted me six years and given me no problems at all. However, have read horror stories about other people. Would buy another without hesitating but obviously can't.

  spuds 23:09 14 Sep 2005

Whatever you purchase, make sure that you have a cast iron warranty [that you understand] and pay by credit card or a computer finance package, for perhaps peace of mind if things go wrong.

  freaky 09:16 15 Sep 2005

Pay a little extra and have the 1st Years Warranty as on-site.

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