New MESH Athlon64 hang on insert CD & wont autorun

  rjv 15:12 21 Sep 2005


I have a new MESH Athlon64 PC (delivered 5 days ago), running XP Home (SP2). I have 2 optical drives - DriveD = DVD/CDRW, and DriveE = DVDRW. When I insert an application CD into DriveD, autorun does not work (well, it has worked once and once only).

Once the disc is in, the drive light either stays on and eventually the PC hangs, or it goes off but nothing else happens. Checking the event log when this happens shows timeout errors on device\ideport0 followed by 'device has been removed from configuration'. Look in MyComputer = no DriveD...

The above happens about 50% of the time, the rest of the time the drive is fine. DriveE has no such problems.

Installed on the PC is Norton AV and Norton PF, plus whatever CD writing software MESH provide.

Any ideas? Currently I am arranging to have the PC replaced due to the 'faulty' drive, but if there is a simple solution to the problem I'd rather do that.



  Terry Brown 15:38 21 Sep 2005

It could be something as simple as the drive cable is not fully pressed home (Either the drive or IDE socket), causing a bad connection.

  wilco33 15:39 21 Sep 2005

I also had this problem on my PC i got 6 weeks or
so ago,tho I only have the Drive D-DVD/CD RW.It
installed AOL ok from CD but wouldn't run other
disks tho DVD's run fine.Don't know if this is the full solution rjv,but I double-click on D-Drive in My Computer when I insert a CD & it now
runs ok every time.I also would be interested to
know why autorun doesen't seem to function.

  wilco33 15:43 21 Sep 2005

re above, should have said it auto-ran AOL with
no problems :)

  €dstowe 15:44 21 Sep 2005

I would wait for the replacement. If you mess about with it too much it is possible that the blame for the fault may be placed on you.

  BurrWalnut 15:45 21 Sep 2005

Find defective autoplay settings, have a look here click here

  rjv 15:54 21 Sep 2005

I've been on to their tech help a couple of times so they are aware I've had the problem for a couple of days. I've checked the cables etc inside and all seems ok.

Wilco33 - if I double-click on MyComputer when it's misbehaving (to misquote the matrix) 'there is no drive'... (it is gone from my system until I boot up again). Bizarre huh?

Burr - Thanks, I'll check that when I get home (at my work pc at mo)

  wilco33 15:55 21 Sep 2005

should also have said above, my PC is a Mesh Matrix Prestige with AMD ATHLON 64 3800+
processor..(sorry! :).

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