New Memeory Installed How to check my PC is Faster

  julius44 16:25 07 Jun 2007

Hello All, i've just increased the memory of my Pentium 4 dell PC from 1.00RAm its now 2.00GB RAM, and this shows on my system tray under control panel so all this is ok...................BUT

I need to confirm that my PC is definatly faster, as i cannot see ANY difrrence at all......or maybe its me.

The Speacs for my PC now are Pentium 4 3.00GHz, 2.99Ghz 2.00GB of RAM, and my hard disk space is 160GB.....ive only used 44Gb. I need a way to test that my PC is ACTUALLY FASTER than i now have twice the RAM i had before.....thanks.

if you upped it to play games or something media intensive,try a game or a task it struggled with previously,internet and programs you wont see any/little difference

  wee eddie 17:09 07 Jun 2007

You had sufficient to handle the day to day tasks with ease, so your PC will go no faster at those tasks.

You will only see a difference when you use your PC for Programs that have very high requirements. Even then you will need to be able to compare the speed with that that you remember.

I keep swithering about getting another 1GB but so far have decided not to as the PC is so much faster than I am anyway. If I did games or Video Editing it would be a whole different ballpark, as the Yanks say.

  Totally-braindead 17:15 07 Jun 2007

*THE RAVEN* is correct, the more you increase the RAM the less you notice, if you have 256mb and increase to 512mb you would probably see the difference with just about everything, go from 512mb to 1 gig and you would notice it with some things but general programs that aren't that memory intensive you wouldn't see much difference, you would probably notice a difference with a reasonable powerful game in terms of loading times etc. If you then go to 2 gig then the only difference you would see would be in really memory intensive things, some games and things like video editing/encoding.
Games that really like memory include Battlefield 1942 I believe and Obilivion. However unless you ran these before and knew the speed they ran at how could you tell if the extra memory made a difference. You couldn't.

  Pamy 17:31 07 Jun 2007

Why do you need to confirm that your PC is definatly faster?
If it is not, what are tou going to do about it?

  Pamy 17:32 07 Jun 2007

tou= you

  julius44 17:33 07 Jun 2007

Hi giuys..thanks for all the info....i'll try n see, well i dont really use my pc for games anyway.........but i may my next question is HOW do i check whether i not i have a graphics card installed?? my pc is a pentium 4, 3.00Ghz, 2.99Ghz 2GB RAM, and 160GB hard drive

  Pamy 17:41 07 Jun 2007

does your computer boot up and show something on your monitor?

If it does then you have a graphics card in it

julius if you go into device manager,expand display adaptor,it should tell you the card model

  Totally-braindead 17:47 07 Jun 2007

Pamy no it doesn't it may be onboard. In which case he wouldn't have a graphics card.

try SIW and see what it tells you click here

  Totally-braindead 17:48 07 Jun 2007

Thinking about it *THE RAVEN*s advice is much simpler. Just post back with what it says under display adaptors.

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