New M/B, CPU, FAN, PSU and Memory.

  Sapins 17:31 26 Aug 2004

I want to buy a barebones system and keep my monitor, 2 hard drives, CD RW drive, DVD Rom drive, floppy drive and sound card and graphics card, or possibly buy new sound and graphics cards and a DVD recorder for the new system, then buy a cheap monitor and network the 2 computers together. At present I have a Pentium 111 650MHz processor with XP on the smaller hard drive (15GB) and most of my software on the second hard drive (80GB)

I visited a local computer shop this afternoon and was told that I would not be able to boot the new machine unless I formatted the hard drive containing XP and then re-installing the OS.

Is this correct and if not would I just build the system and boot up?

Any help, suggestions as the best way to go will be very much appreciated.



  polish 18:46 26 Aug 2004

i re-built my own system about 3mths ago and had to format hdd as the computer would not boot up and for some reason i did not have to register with microsoft at the time due to the changes but have had to a couple of times since? not a problem just inconvient

  Sapins 19:17 26 Aug 2004

Hi polish, thanks for your reply, I don't really fancy having to format and re-install XP, but, as I have done it once I suppose it won't be too bad.



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