New mainboard wont load windows

  BILLYGEORGE 17:52 07 May 2005

Tried fitting asrock P4S61 to computer as original board had no AGP slot.
When fitted the windows on drive kept trying to load over and over but would not load.
Disk from board says something about SATA
Have I got to change hard drive or am I doing something wrong ?

  DieSse 18:00 07 May 2005

You certainly won't have to change the hard drive.

Have a look in the BIOS and check whether there's a setting to boot from a SATA drive (which I'm pretty sure you don't have??).

  Indigo 1 18:05 07 May 2005

When you change a motherboard you will need to install the necessary drivers. I take it that you already have Windows installed on your Hard Drive along with the drivers for the old board. That is why it can't load up properly.

I think you are going to have to format the HDD and start again with a fresh install.

  DieSse 18:10 07 May 2005

I've had a look at the manula for your board, and it doesn't appear to have SATA facilities - so don't quite know why the CD for the board refers to them, unless it's possibly a CD that is supplied with many different boards - some of which do.

When you say it's trying to load - can you explain in detail exactly what happens - where it gets to, what appears on the screen, etc, etc pls.

  DieSse 18:11 07 May 2005

Also can you try and start the system in Safe Mode, which doesn't use any fancy drivers, and should work with any main board.

  BILLYGEORGE 18:27 07 May 2005

Idigo 1
looks like your solution will work,
can I ask how I can format the HDD?

  Indigo 1 20:18 07 May 2005

I would put the other board back in and take it from there.

  Indigo 1 20:21 07 May 2005

One problem you may have overlooked, XP will be registered to the old board and will need to be registered with the new board with MS. You will have to call them and tell them otherwise you will have to buy a whole new O/S.

  bruno 20:38 07 May 2005

Last weekend my son in law and I set up a Novatech barebones system,which is similar to what you are trying to do.The Novatect engineer told us that a new m/b would have to have a clean install.We installed it from the XP disc and it worked fine.It had to be reactivated and this was not a problem even though we had a new case,power unit motherboard and memory.

  bruno 20:41 07 May 2005

Should have mentioned that formatting etc was all handled by XP once we started the instal.

  woodchip 20:48 07 May 2005

You will not get it work as it should until you do a cleane install and load the motherboard drivers from CD. You can just try loading the CD for drivers but would be better to do the above

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