new location for downloaded file 1.06Gb!

  Tcan 21:03 07 Feb 2003

Hi, have just downloaded a demo game (earth & beyond)that is 1.06 Gb in size.I stupidly let it save to my desktop.the problem is I have an 80 Gb H/D partioned.The desktop location defaults to the C: but this is only 2Gb as it contains just the operating system. The download now will not finish as it quite rightly says there is not enough disk space.The question is can you change the pathway for a download still in progress,ie move it to another partition.I have a 120 Kb/s cable connection so it woudn't be a massive problem to download again (about two hours).However,I would be interested if it would be possible. any ideas?


XP pro,XP 1800+,512 Mb SDRAM,Geforce 3 TI500,80 Gb maxtor H/D

  nyleridedog 22:03 07 Feb 2003

just move the folder the file is in to the other drive and then whatever software you are using ie kazaa set the shared folder or download folder to that drive and make sure the program knows where to download to ie e:/downloads instead of d:downloads.

  nyleridedog 22:04 07 Feb 2003

it should just carry on the download!

or am i pissed?

  nyleridedog 22:04 07 Feb 2003

it should just carry on the download!

or am i pissed?

  Tcan 23:35 07 Feb 2003

thanks for the replies.I was unable to move the folder as XP told me files were using it! I could see no other way but to download again to a more suitable location.


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