New LG DVD/CD ReWriter not showing on My Computer

  Henmin 12:24 24 Mar 2005

Hi ya Gurus,

The gug with all the computer problems, yes that's me. SORRY!

I've just put a new DVD/CD Rewriter and its not showing up in My Computer window. Lets explain what I've done. Looking into my Evesham I noticed that it has only Three White slots where the 5cm light grey cables go. 1.for the hard drive, 2. for the Floppy the 3rd for for the old DVD ROM Combo Drive. So I decided to connect both the new DVD/CD Rewriter and the old Combo to the grey lead that came with the new DVD/CD Rewriter. Have I done the right thing? Could this be the season the New LG DVD/CD Rewriter is not showing up on My Computer.

Another thing, I have disconnected my External Hard Drive and Zip Drive to put in this New DVD Rewriter. Could this be the reason the computer is a bit confused and hence its not allocating a Drive Letter for the new DVD/CD Rewriter.

Beside this problem the new DVD/CD Rewriter is working. The Green Light comes on and I can open it.

Please HELP!


  NinkyRudes 12:43 24 Mar 2005

Hello there Henmin! Firstly, don't panic. I had EXACTLY this problem 2 days ago. I'm no expert but I got it working quite quickly. The problem is almost certainly to do with jumpers. Jumpers are little plastic connectors, which slide on to pins on the back of the drive. The new drive is probably set to master (i.e. the first in the chain), but if the old combo drive is as well, BIOS & Windows won't see it.

My first piece of advice which doesn't involve pulling all your internal wires out is this:

Locate the jumper on the back of the new drive. Regardless of where it is, remove it (but keep it safe, it's tiny!). The new LG drives use this setting for slave, which is what you want it to be. Try booting up again straight away & post back to let us know if it worked. Good luck! If not, I have plenty more suggestions...

  Storik 12:52 24 Mar 2005

Hello again.

First follow NinkyRudes' very sound advice.

You could also set your new drive to "slave" and just as a temporary measure, chain it to your hard drive. ie. use the second connector on your hard drive ribbon cable, and attach it to your DVD writer. - Then reboot your machine and see if the DVDRW shows up in Windows. If it does, there's obviously nothing wrong with it.

Secondly, put your jumper back on, setting the drive to "Master", and attach one end of the cable to the secondary connection on your motherboard. DO NOT attach your old drive just yet. Reboot and see if it shows up in Windows. If it does - it will be the jumpers on your old drive that are at fault. Process of elimination!

Good luck


  Henmin 13:00 24 Mar 2005

Hi NinkyRudes,

Thanks for the quich reply. I have not moved the Jumper from the New LG DVD/CD ReWriter. As I thought that it was default as Master. But I have moved the Jumper from my Old Combo to Slave to the far end two pins.

Yes I will check both drives again and do exactly what you have suggested. I couldn't sleep last night so I stayed up till about 2AM this morning trying to fit in the new LG DVD/CD Rewriter then got up again at 8Am to finish the job. Disappointed a bit. Everything else is OK with the New DVD/Cd Rewriter.


  NinkyRudes 13:14 24 Mar 2005

Thanks Storik - your advice is a logical progression from mine, as it is almost certainly jumpers at fault here.

Henmin: we'll have you up and burning in no time! Just as a final precaution, double-check that the data leads are plugged in the right way up on both drives & mobo, sounds silly but they can be remarkably easy to bodge in upside-down - I did that too. Also, another seemingly rudimentary point but ensure that all the necessary connections are in place before you boot up each time. It is suprisingly common even for PC experts to forget to plug the power into the back of the drive, or the data cable into the mobo.

Note: almost all drives will have a 'cable-select' jumper option (where the BIOS & windows will assign drive letters according to which par of the cable they are plugged in to, master at the top, slave in the middle). This is always worth a try, although for some reason, it didn't work on mine, so I was forced to set the old drive to master & new one to slave. Keep me posted!

  Henmin 13:46 24 Mar 2005

NinkyRudes, Storik,

Thanks. I will try all options and see what works. It's all so easy when you know how. Evesham say 'Easy Access' to their computers ... lol. Then to get the small rectangular piece out for the DVD Rewriter to slide into - my head is sore with scratching - was a task, trying to solve how to to do that. Look, think, resolve ... For me it's Adult Education. I felt like beating my Evesham with my walking stick. But it's an experience and I'm enjoying it.


  NinkyRudes 13:56 24 Mar 2005

I bet it said 'easy to install' on the back of the box as well!!!! It's always easy if you know how, problem is, most of us don't. That's why I love this forum.

  SEASHANTY 14:14 24 Mar 2005

How to install a front loading drive
click here

  woodchip 14:16 24 Mar 2005

As in Last Thread, You should go into BIOS and Detect Drives

  Henmin 15:37 24 Mar 2005


Thanks very much for the Link. It's a great. Plenty of Info.


How do you go into BIOS? Thanks.


  NinkyRudes 15:52 24 Mar 2005

Try pressing the DELETE key, just after the computer beeps for the first time after you switch it on (within about 10-15 seconds MAX). You'll suddenly be transported to a very old-fashioned looking screen. Thst's your BIOS.

N.B. Don't touch anything in there you're unsure of. Whilst new BIOS settings are reversible, it's best not to cause yourself potential problems in this way. Unfortunately, as I said before, I'm no expert. If you need BIOS help, there are several well known names on this forum who will leap to your aid when they read this post.

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